Luis Miguel, they discover the possible successor of the Sun of Mexico

Luis Miguel would be born again! and it was an eight-year-old boy who not only captivated them with his great talent, at eight years old, little Miguel is shaping up to be as great as the “Sun of Mexico” himself.

The judges of the singing reality show “Idol Kids 2” were amazed at the presence of Miguela little boy who came to participate in the contest and where his voice, among other details, were linked to the famous singerLuis Miguel, 52 years old.

It should be remembered that from the moment Miguel appeared on stage, his age and image captivated the judges Ángeles de Camela, Omar Montes and Ana Mena.

Who were completely moved after the little “Mickey” express that he dedicated the theme to his “twelve ex-girlfriends”, he mentioned moments before starting his number, which was broadcast on the Telecinco channel, in Spain.

But it was at the moment of hearing his voice on the piano when interpreting a song by the Colombian artist, Sebastián Yatra: “How to look at you”, so the minor left them surrendered at his feet, so those present did not hesitate to stand up and applaud him.

How can there be so much feeling in that little body, that thing that you have transmitted here, right now, is “magic”, Omar Montes reacted

It will be a Luis Miguel, repeated another of the members of the jury.

The talent, charisma and opportunity lined up at the right time Miguel Ramírez, not only would he put the jury of the broadcast in his pocket, now he shines in the world of the internet and has gone around the world on social networks since many point out: “It is equal to Luis Miguel“, one of the most famous figures in Mexico in music.

Until today, the little talent has received several comments through the Instagram account of “Idol Kids Spain” and even in the minor’s personal account where users have not stopped finding many similarities with the “discographic producer“.

Luis Miguel Gallego Basteri, born on April 19, 1970, who at the age of 12 began a career that has spanned 40 years in which he has stood out as one of the best-selling Latin artists in the decade of the 90, who popularized the bolero genre, among others who have consolidated his career with a long list of hits.

And it is that in addition, the young man from Ceuta did not hesitate for a moment and showed great security by completely dominating the stage.

I have come here to prove that I was born to be a star, he would make it clear in a moment before placing his hands on one of his favorite instruments to the astonishment of everyone present.

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