Louis Tomlinson provokes frenzy solo

At the start of the 2000s, Louis Tomlinson He was a boy barely 10 years old who already showed his interest and frenzy for the music that the world was listening to at that time: boy bands and pop soloists.

Later he was part of the successful band one direction and later resumed his solo career.

This Tuesday the British presented the first of three dates that he will have in Mexico City as part of the Louis Tomlinson World Tour.

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8 thousand
They went to see the singer’s concert in Mexico City.

For all those who said that One Direction would be something temporary, they only needed to see the huge and kilometric rows that were made around the Pepsi Center, where Louis arrived, to realize that that euphoria that began with the boy band more than 10 years ago today continues with each of its members; with Tomlinson was no exception.

Teenagers and fans over 20, many of them with their parents, crowded into the venue in the south of the city and shortly before 9:30 p.m. the thousands of assembled attendees welcomed the singer with a unison choir. of “oh oh oh oh, sing and don’t cry, because singing makes the hearts happy, sweetie.”

Louis came out on stage and at that moment the atmosphere was plagued by a thunderous shout that was only silenced when the singer welcomed to start his recital with “We made it”.

All over the stage were waving rainbow flags, neon-lit headbands and an enraged audience who didn’t think they were seeing their idol’s show, especially after Tomlinson stopped his tour following the coronavirus pandemic.

“Hello, Mexico City, I want you to sing each of these lines with me,” he said.

Shortly before 9:30 p.m., the thousands of attendees welcomed the singer. Photo: Diego Simón Sánchez/ EL UNIVERSAL

The singer knew that most of that audience that gathered on Tuesday is due to his beginnings with One Direction and in gratitude he sang a classic from the boy band, the song “Drag me down”, which even unleashed the occasional tear of part of his Louies, as his fans call themselves.

“Hello, Mexico City, I love you very much, I have to thank you for all your support, this show would not exist without you, I love you very much,” said Louis dressed completely in black and before interpreting “Don’t let it break your heart ”.

Although sometimes the headlines and the focus are usually more focused on his ex-partners Harry Styles or Zayn Malik, with his show, Louis showed that his audience is faithful and committed, since there was not a single song that the public did not know, from those with a more powerful and pop rock sound, such as “Two of us” or “Always you”, to the calmer ballads such as “Too young”.

“Mexico City! I have had incredible memories. The crowd has always been amazing, so once again, thank you!”

The singer not only remembered his old band through some songs, he also took the time to take the cover of “7”, original by Catfish and the Bottlemen, to the stage.

Although the stage did not have a great scenographic display, Tomlinson did not need it, since with only a powerful set of lights, his band and his unmistakable voice were enough to please his fans with other songs such as “Changes”, “Fearless” and “Only the brave”.

“Mexico City! Let me just say that I have had amazing memories with my band One Direction and now, alone! The crowd has always been amazing, so once again, thank you!” she said before performing “Habit”.

“Defenceless” and “Walls” were also part of the first show he presented in Mexico City; the concert ended with One Direction’s “Through the dark” and “Kill my mind”.

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