Lolita Cortés was honest about her daughter’s artistic career: “It doesn’t have to be me”

Lolita Cortés was somewhat concerned about her daughter’s refusal to perform professionally (Photo: @lolacortesreal/ Instagram)

On May 10, it was revealed who will be the critics that will make up the jury panel, the main conductors, the director of the house and the mentor at La Academia, 2022 edition.

Lolita Cortés will be part of the project together with Arturo López Gavito, renowned music producer who has also stood out in previous generations for his criticism. He will join the duo Ana BarbaraMexican singer-songwriter who has one of the most solid musical careers in regional Mexico.

Recently, Romina Marcos mentioned the following: “For me, it is a real pleasure to share the stage with Lolita, with Gerardo, with people who made me goosebumps many times and now to be sharing a story with them, the truth is I am very grateful with life”.

Lolita Cortés returned to The Academy (Photo: CUARTOSCURO)
Lolita Cortés returned to The Academy (Photo: CUARTOSCURO)

In this regard, Lolita Cortés showed that she would like her daughter Darío Romo to be like her, since she perceives her to be very self-conscious about her mother’s trajectory. The judge of various reality shows has dedicated herself to performing arts from the age of 8, the age at which he participated in plays such as Little Orphan Annie, joseph the dreamer Y Vaselinewhere he was with the members of the Timbiriche band.

This is why he expressed the following in conversation with the program Windowing:

“I hadn’t noticed, but suddenly I would like her to have that security that Romi has, it has been very difficult for me to be her mother, for my daughter it has been very, very difficult, it has not been easy and she is always with the fear of being compared and that is why she has not wanted to do musicals; for me it has been a constant pain, because She is a very talented woman, I hope that one day she realizes that it does not have to be me”

On the other hand, he shared what the new challenges will be that he will face with this generation of the Academy, that is, 20 years after it began.

She is one of the strictest critics in reality (Photo: screenshot/Youtube)
She is one of the strictest critics in reality (Photo: screenshot/Youtube)

“I am going to have to learn to understand social networks, I also have to learn to say with words, if it is this crystal generation, without them feeling offended,” he mentioned. She also explained that she gave her husband an important warning in order to avoid all kinds of controversy in the public eye.

“My family knows (it will be in the reality show), my husband, who is the first generation to live with me, I already told him ‘Please, I beg you love, don’t answer, that is, don’t answer aggressions’ “, he said on the Ventaneando program.

Some of his first participations in Televisa by Lolita Cortes happened when he was between 10 and 12 years old, he sang in the Festival Let’s play to sing of 1982 with the song Don Quixote and Sancho Panzawas also in the program that in the eighties was called today -currently Today-.

Lolita Cortés in one of her first presentations on Televisa (Photo: screenshot/
Lolita Cortés in one of her first presentations on Televisa (Photo: screenshot/

Since then, Lolita Cortés has shown that she has a deep-rooted commitment to the artsbecause although she was a child, she performed her performances taking them seriously in accordance with the discipline.

In an interview clip found on the official channel of The stars, Dolores Vanessa Cortes Jimenez he remembered his mother and the amount of materials he had to transport to boost his career.


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