Lolita Cortés assures that the competition in “La Academia 20 años” is being unfair; this is the reason: VIDEO

It was last night Sunday June 12 that nostalgia and memories became present in the lives of millions of Mexicans through their television, this after the first concert of “The Academy 20 years”, thus marking the return of one of the most beloved reality shows and successful in the history of entertainment in our country.

This is how “The Academy 20 years” was made trending topic starting at 8:00 PM because the Return of this singing contest was one of the most anticipated by the audience.

Let us remember that the house where the participants who seek the million pesos and struggling to consolidate their career in music emerged in 2002, so now the Show considered one of the programs emblem of Aztec TV It’s back with full force Myriam Montemayor, winner of the first generation, as godmother of this new edition.

the thirteenth generation of “The Academy” is hosted by one of the most outstanding alumni and it is Yahir, who is in charge of the program as driver.

The jury and its harsh criticism at the premiere of “The Academy 20 years”

In addition to the 16 contestants, we were also able to see the return of “The Academy” to the members of the jury, and they are Horacio Villalobos, Ana Bárbara, Arturo Lopez Gavito, and Lola Cortés, the latter being one of the most controversial of the night, as is usual for the judge who is a singer and comedy actress musical with 43 years of experience.

The first duo of contestants of the night passed, and it was about Emeraldoriginally from Guerrero, who performed the song “For you I will fly” by Andrea Bocellibesides that in this first duo also appeared Andrew from Sonora, who sang the song “Suave” by Luis Miguel.

Although they were the first students to be presented Officially on stage, the judges were quite harsh with their criticism, since Horacio Villalobos assured the sonorense that looked like “a spa gallant”, while Lola Cortés assured Emerald after his presentation that “this country is not operatic” and that the song he chose or that they played was by “uneducated people who don’t know about opera”.

The judges in “The Academy 20 Years”. Photo: Courtesy TV Azteca

Lolita Cortés reveals the reason for her annoyance

Immediately these comments called the attentionWell, they were the first of the night and perhaps some of the hardest that were heard during the more than three hours of the show.

However, moments later, The Digital Herald had access to talk with Lolita Cortés, who revealed her true position before our cameras, since she confirmed that she was upset and disappointed because ensures that the competition was unequal unfair with the participants, since some were given songs ad hoc to their range of voice, while other students were left with melodies that harm them.

I would have liked to see everyone have different songs, some have been improved and others are being left to die with the same song that we already heard and that is turning out terrible (…) This is what bothers me the most, I know what it’s happening behind, so if some of them changed the song why didn’t they change it for everyone and why doesn’t the director know.

I think it’s being unfair (the competition) I don’t know what happened but the production has to show its face and say what is happening, or the director, as I told him a moment ago ‘Alexander, you have to put in because otherwise I’m going to against you if I see something wrong, because you are the face of the students and you are the face of the production’”, asserted the judge, considered one of the most direct, harsh and controversial in the history of this reality show.

By: Estefania Arreola


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