LoL: The alleged appearance of Nilah, the new melee shooter that will arrive soon, is leaked

Bel’Veth has barely arrived in League of Legends and the next champion of the Riot Games MOBA is already closer than we think. The supposed look of the shooter seems to have been leaked by a YouTube channel specialized in this type of content. Just as the release of the Void Emperor was plagued by leaks, something similar is happening with the new ADC: Leaks claim that Nilah is her name, and she will look like a “Yasuo of the water”.

It leaks what the new League of Legends champion will be like

The alleged Nilah look has been making the rounds on the internet after it was shared by content creators specializing in leaks. The image shows a champion with a water whip, a weapon that has already been confirmed by Riot Games. In the video posted by Big Bad Bear below, he also compares the marksman’s leg to the trailer posted by Riot Games at the start of Season 2022.

Supposed conceptual art of Nilah, the new LoL shooter — Image:

New melee shooter confirmed by Riot Games

During Riot Games’ special live start of the year, it was already confirmed that three champions will come to the game throughout 2022: A Support in the shadows, a terrifying hunter and a sniper. Or respectively: Renata Glasc, Bel’Veth and the supposed Nilah. Additionally, the whip-wielding marksman was mentioned again in April’s Path of Champions, a regular post by League of Legends developers to share details about new characters.

New Marksman Preview — Image: Riot Games/Disclosure - League of Legends
New marksman preview — Image: Riot Games/Disclosure

When does the new champion arrive?

It is possible that the new champion will arrive around patch 12.13 on July 13 either in patch 12.14 on July 27, according to the official dates established for the patches. This is because it is expected to be implemented in the MOBA along with the Guardian of the Stars event, thus including a thematic skin, which although Riot Games has not yet confirmed it, everything indicates that it is the next big event in the game. .

Theories from the community further indicate that the new shooter may actually be a non-binary gender person. Coincidentally, the champion may have been mentioned in a new Riot Games story that confirms Graves is gay and hints at a romance with Twisted Fate: The story was published as part of LGBTQIA+ Pride Month, which this year brought quests and in-game rewards.

Image related to the new champion released during the Champions Path — Image: Riot Games/Disclosure - League of Legends
Image related to the new champion released during the Path of Champions — Image: Riot Games/Disclosure

While this past month has been completely insane in terms of changes, buffs, and nerfs to pretty much every champion in the entire game, this latest one will be a bit more “relaxed” and there won’t be as many tweaks as the previous ones.