Karol G impresses with her beauty, “Goddess covered in silver”

Like a goddess! The beautiful Colombian singer Karol G showed off in silver in a rather small dress that seemed to cover her in silver, but definitely, what shone the most was her smile.

Carol G To attend a private event of a well-known brand, she chose a small silver dress, without sleeves and quite short, with only a few small details, but which perfectly framed the figure of the music star even without being an outfit. sheathed

La Nena de Medellín complemented her outfit with a flirty little matching bag and accessories and shoes also in silver; the latter, being bracelets, highlighted her beautiful legs even more.

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Karol G wore quite natural makeup, as her followers are accustomed to, and she wore her abundant blue hair quite relaxed. Anuel AA’s ex modeled and showed off when she arrived at the event and it was impossible for her eyes not to fall on her.

There are various photographs and videos that were taken of this beautiful woman so that how she looked at the event in question will not go unnoticed and can be found on social networks.

Currently, Carol G She is one of the most beloved interpreters in the urban genre, where she has managed to earn a great place as one of the favorite Cuban representatives and is on an international tour.

One of her most recent presentations is giving a lot to talk about, because the girl from Medellín had nothing more and nothing less than the former RBD, the singer Anahí as a special guest on stage.

The actress and singer was present with a star on her forehead that characterized her character Mía Colucci in the telenovela Rebelde and a pink Texan to interpret the famous song “Sálvame”.

Karol G’s followers immediately shuddered seeing both beautiful and talented women on stage, the performers sang the famous song in duet and reached the point of tears on stage.

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