Italian cities for green family holidays

Italian cities in which to take green family holidays: the best capitals for sustainable tourism, by the sea, in the mountains or in the city

Italian cities for green family holidays

Summer holidays are approaching and you start thinking about your destination: but why go abroad, when you have so many beautiful destinations in Italy? Read on if you are looking for a sustainable alternative: here are the tips of Italian cities in which to take green family holidays!

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Italian cities for green holidays: how to choose the destination

If you have let yourself be conquered – and with reason – by the eco-sustainable trend and you want to try to make a voyage that is as less polluting as possible, Italy has many destinations that are right for you. To choose, we relied on the advice of Lifegate, a site that has always been involved in environmental issues and which suggests precisely the Italian cities for green holidays!

Green family holidays in the mountains

Everyone has their own tastes: there are those in summer can’t miss the seawho instead does everything to escape from the heat and repairs itself in mountain. Among the proposals to make one green holiday there are also mountain towns!


Bolzano it is a little gem set in the High Adige, surrounded by wonderful peaks and where you can breathe pure air all year round. You can move with the means, so you can get there train and pollute less, and enjoy the slow pace of the city, between a café in the square and a museum. By train you can reach Trento and Austria, but here they are also beautiful cycling routes and hiking trails.


Little known yet highly appreciated, this one Venetian city is a little gem for amanti of the nature. The Belluno Dolomites offer routes with breathtaking views, but it is also worth trying the Isabella cave, a 35km long tunnel of karst origin.


In the capital of Abruzzo environmental tourism is king: the project Apennines for AllFurthermore, it is inclusive and not only dedicated to those with a disability, but creates bonds throughout the territory.


The gold medal of greenest city in Italy according to Legambiente it goes to Trento: the ideal destination for families with childrennot only for the many family hotels in the area but also for the splendid excursions that can be done in the surroundings, for example with animals!

Green holidays in the city

You like to discover the city ​​of Italy? Here are which ones are worth discovering if you want to do green holidays with children.


Many go in Tuscany to do the usual tour: Florence, Siena, Pisa… But you don’t know what you miss by jumping Lucca! The capital of Versilia while not located on the sea is a gem to live in family in every season: its large and famous walls allow walks, but also the Old Town he is not joking. Not to mention that it is a city that has invested a lot in sustainability, with recovered and long areas slopes cycle paths.


Lately Matera is stormed and for a reason: this city has a unique charm, not only historical and architectural but also naturalistic because it is the city with the highest concentration of green in Italy. Paradise for hikers, who can follow various paths within the park of the Murgia of Materabut also for those who love cycling thanks to the many cycle paths.


The Emilian city is a small gem, a candidate to become European Green Capital in 2022. For this reason, all the organizations and companies in the area have worked over the years to make it more and more inclusive And sustainablereducing emissions, facilitating sustainable mobility, improving housing energy efficiency.

Green family holidays by the sea

But if you just can’t give up on the sea here is a list of places where you can spend days dedicated to sustainabilitywith one eye to the environment as well as culture, history and the crystal clear sea!


If you’ve never been to Agrigento it’s time to go there, and not just for the wonderful Valley of the Temples. It is the most Sicilian city sustainable and offers natural reserves of unique beauty, overlooking the sea. The most suggestive? The Torre Salsa nature reserve, with dunand of fine sand reminiscent of the desert.

Castiglione della Pescaia

This town in the province of Grosseto is one of the many pearls that the south coast of Tuscany. Its beaches are classified as blue flag and there is a particular focus on policies plastic free. Other plus? Local restaurants use local raw materials.

Emilia Romagna hosts many “eco-beaches“, ie beaches that have obtained one certification of Legambientewhich are blue or green flag, which have Ecolabel hotels and which promote ecological education and energy saving campaigns.

Opportunities to live green family holidays in Italy they are numerous, just decide according to your preferences!