How the way of traveling changes with the crisis: short and medium-range holidays and reservations under date, the only exception being the USA


How the way of traveling changes with the crisis: short and medium-range holidays and reservations under date, the only exception being the USA

Italians prefer nature, sustainability and Northern European destinations

The largest Italian company of travel consultants, specializing in tailor-made travel arrangements, detects the latest trends. Average spending is growing again (€ 1,980, + 5% compared to 2019) and experiences are a central element in the choice of travel. In seaside destinations, not only beaches, but also culture and trekking

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The average expenditure of Italian tourists who choose a trip organized by a travel consultant returns to grow, even compared to pre-pandemic levels: € 1,980 (+ 5% compared to 2019) this is what those who book their trip on, the portal for tailor-made holidays designed by professionals in the sector, will spend on average this summer. From the analysis of CartOrangethe largest Italian company of travel consultants with over 450 collaborators, a series of trends that say a lot about how behaviors have changed of those who prefer structured and personalized travel: “The desire to return to explore the world is stronger than the uncertainty, now given by the international situation rather than by the aftermath of the pandemic – confirms the managing director of CartOrange Gianpaolo Romano -. Two things mainly stand out: the search for qualified assistance, to leave peacefully and safely, and the tendency to book more and more under date, precisely because there are many variables to consider right up to the end. Consequently, travel consultants play an increasingly important role in advising, guiding and allowing customers to quickly grasp the best offers and combinations ».

The trends of summer 2022 – The summer season just started marks one resumption of travel abroad, again with a prevalence of medium or short range ones. They are an exception the United Stateswhich remain the most dreamed and requested destination, not only by couples or friends but now also by families. The other great protagonist of this year is Northern Europe, with Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Scotland at the top of the preferences of Italian tourists. «A choice that undoubtedly reflects the desire for uncrowded destinations and perceived as safe from a health point of view – always comments Romano – but also a more general orientation towards contact with naturewhich is closely linked to the increasing demand for eco-sustainable travelto be carried out also with means of transport alternative to the plane ».

Postpone your holidays in the most exotic and long-haul destinations for a while longer, the experiences that enrich the journey become a fundamental element in the choices of customers, Gianpaolo Romano always underlines: «Opting for closer and better known destinations becomes a push to live them in a different way. Let’s take the sea, which Italians will not give up: the most appreciated side of the consultants’ work is that they know how to make a holiday unique by alternating relaxation on the beach with cultural visits, food and wine, sports and adventure, high-level shoppingbut also courses and workshops to live “local” experiences“.

The most popular destinations

NorwayCartOrange defines it as the great discovery of summer 2022. What attracts are the unique experiences that can be lived among the fjords: accessible not only by car but also by ferry or panoramic trains, they offer stops in peaceful villages and unique panoramic points. A 6/9 day trip costs from € 1,000 to € 2,000 per person.

Iceland – Very popular for trips in small groups of nature enthusiasts and excursions, which between whale watching, navigation among icebergs, snowmobile rides on glaciers and relaxation in thermal pools will try unforgettable experiences. In addition, the season to visit this country today has lengthened, with departures also in September to spot the Northern Lights. The 6/9 day CartOrange offers range from € 1,000 to € 2,000 per person.

Sicily – A treasure a stone’s throw from home. Among the most clicked trips, it is no longer synonymous with the classic beach-only holiday. The CartOrange on the road formula is a tour full of “instagrammable” experiences between street food, local wines, discovery of the Greco-Roman cultural heritage and adventures on Etna. Prices from € 1,000 to € 2,000 per person for 13/16 days.

New York – A proposal designed specifically for families, in a destination that despite the 9 hours of flight is now considered as “close at hand” as the European capitals. The metropolis also offers a lot to children: with CartOrange you can see Broadway shows based on Disney classics, visit the Build-a-Bear shop to build a personalized puppet to take home, take a bus tour in the places of the universe Marvel and DC, visit the shark aquarium at Coney Island and ride the historic Jane’s Carousel horse ride. 6/9 days from € 1,000 to € 2,000 per person.

Scotland – Wild land of lakes and sea: between the sparkling docks, the waves of the North Sea, the bays where dolphins swim and the incredible views offered by islands and marinas, Scotland is the ideal destination for lovers of landscape photography and naturalistic. Prices for 6/9 days range from € 1,000 to € 2,000.

Denmark – A perfect proposal for a short escape in the name of eco-sustainability. Everything is concentrated in Copenhagen and its surroundings: Islands Brygge floating swimming pool, free kayak rental through the harbor and canals, Viking museum in Roskilde, picturesque village of Svaneke on Bornholm Island, visit to the hippy district by Christiania. For a 2 to 5 day holiday the price ranges from 500 to 1,000 € per person.

Greece (Crete) – Not just the beach: also natural wonders with the Gorges of Samarià, unspoiled nature on the island of Chrissi, art and history in Kalidon (the Spinalonga of the Venetians). Ideal for children are excursions aboard glass-bottomed boats to admire the underwater life. A 6/9 day holiday costs from € 1,000 to € 2,000.

Portugal, Madeira and Porto Santo – A combination that combines the charm of the city of Lisbon, with its treasures of art and history, the tropical scenery of the island of Madeira, in the middle of the Atlantic, and the wild nature of the nearby island of Porto Santo, which can be explored with easy trekking. A 13/16 day trip with a price from € 2,000 to € 3,000.


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