Holidays, 4.7 million Italians will stay at home due to the increases

The increase in prices could compromise part of the 2022 summer season. This is what emerges from the survey commissioned by to EMG Different. 10.7% of respondents, equal to about 4.7 million Italians, said that this year they will not take a vacation due to the rise in property prices, while about 3.7 million, in order not to give up the trip , have chosen to resize it.

In addition to those who will not leave due to the increase in prices recorded in recent months, almost 6.1% of those who will stay at home said they will do so for fear of contracting Covid during the holidays and 2.8% for the fear of being blocked by a new lockdown. Adding up these and the other different reasons indicated by the sample interviewed as the main reason for not packing their bags, there will be a total of approximately 11.9 million Italians who will give up their holidays.

Travel insurance

Instead of renouncing to leave for, albeit legitimate, fears, many Italians (4.1 million) are considering taking out, or have already done so, an insurance policy. Among these, 62.6% declared that they want to protect themselves in the event of cancellation of the holiday due to illness, including Covid, or (30.6%) due to a new lockdown (although this case remains currently uncovered by travel policies). Many, about 1.1 million, also travelers interested in a policy that protects them in the event of forced quarantine at the place of destination.

“The pandemic has changed the approach of many Italians to holidays so much so that, after what happened in 2020, many have begun to approach the world of travel insurance – he explained Irene Giani, travel policy manager of – The phenomenon is also confirmed by the data that emerged from the survey; 52% of respondents said that it is the first time that they are interested in signing a policy of this type and more than 40% do so precisely in function of the unknowns related to Covid-19. The good news is that today most travel policies offer coverage that is valid even in the event of a Covid-19 infection and some guarantee an economic reimbursement if the insured should extend their stay at the destination due to illness; the only case that remains uncovered is that of the cancellation of the trip due to a new lockdown “.

Who will go on vacation

Looking at the Italians who will take a trip this year (in total 17.4 million individuals) it emerges that, on average, the holidays will last 14 days. The preferred months to leave are August (49%) and July (42.4%) even if 1 in 4 respondents will already enjoy at least part of their holidays in June (25.6%).

Although the Bel Paese remains the favorite destination of our compatriots, with the end of Covid restrictions many will return to move abroad; according to the survey, 17.7% of respondents, equal to approximately 3.1 million individuals, will spend their holidays outside national borders this year.

The desire for a holiday is great and many Italians, literally, will start again from where they left off: 27.5% of respondents said that this year’s holidays are those planned in the pre-Covid period but that, due to the pandemic, they were postponed and about 1.7 million vacationers will finally be able to make the trip already paid but skipped due to lockdowns. Accommodation facilities such as hotels / agritourisms and B & Bs are confirmed as the first choice of Italians (43.3%, equal to 7.6 million), while 27.7% will rent an apartment, 20.5% will spend their holidays at their parents’ home or in the second home, and 15.6% will opt for a tourist village; 7.8% will go camping. About 13.9 million Italians will use the car to reach their holiday destination, while 3.2 million will travel by plane. At least 1.3 million, however, will reach their destination by ship.

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