His fans sing his single at the airport

The businesswoman and singer Chiquis Rivera would arrive at the Mexican airport after being away for so long, she came to promote her new musical project that is under the name of “Queen bee“, which was released last Thursday, May 12, is made up of 18 tracks and some of them would be sung by the faithful followers of the artist when she arrived at the airport.

Giving her a warm welcome, because the press and many of her followers were already waiting for her, shouting that she was a queen bee, Chiquis Rivera He gave some interviews for the media that were present, while he also took the opportunity to take pictures with some of his fans, as well as give him some autographs.

Those who filled her with beautiful welcome gifts with all their love, such as roses, sunflowers, originally Mexican spicy sweets, handicrafts, letters, among many other things as a sign of the emotion of being able to see her, however, without a doubt, another way to make her knowing how much they love her was when all the fans present began to interpret her songs, right there, at the airport.

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Chiquis Rivera She was wearing a comfortable set that consisted of two pieces, a long blouse and pants, both garments with the same design pattern, the background was white, with black lines and some ying-yang, some smiling faces, the blouse was so long that it could be mistaken for a robe, however, the outfit also featured pants.

Even when he shared the video of his arrival, his followers in the comments section welcomed him, hoping that his stay in our country would be very pleasant.

BY CLICKING HERE you can see the arrival of Chiquis Rivera.

Chiquis Rivera: Her fans sing her single at the airport, photo: instagram

She combined her look with a plain black hat on her head, her long hair gathered in a bun, the day after the businesswoman and singer arrived in Mexico, she had space on the morning show called “Today” where I would talk more about “Queen bee” and I would even perform it live.

The next day, the journalist Patty Chapoyfor your program “windowing“I would carry out another interview, being a little more in-depth, since Chiquis Rivera He was honest about his whole life, what he lived after the separation of his failed marriage, he also commented to the interviewer that he loves Mexico and that he would be looking for an apartment to have it here.

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