Hauser & Wirth takes root in Menorca with its educational project

Carlos Lopez, a 24-year-old from Madrid, is studying a master’s degree in History of Contemporary Art and Visual Culture at the Reina Sofía Museum in Madrid. He is an independent curator and fundamentally his work experience is in the field of cultural management. But he is also the Hauser & Wirth gallery artist-in-residenceon the Illa del Rei, which has been working on the educational project since April 20 in connection with the Rashid Johnson exhibition.

The educational project is the result of a residence for postgraduate students from Spanish universitieswhich presents an installation of drawings hung on the ceiling of the gallery as a result of a workshop in which more than 350 people have participated of the Fundació de Persones amb Discapacitat de Menorca, nursing homes, primary schools and also public spaces where the workshops have been created.

In these workshops, participants were asked to draw pictures to represent their emotions while listening to the song «Sodades», by Cesària Évorawhich in turn gives its name to the exhibition, which is combined with a reading area that invites visitors to sit down and explore the poetry books that the artist has selected, according to Mar Rescalvo, director of Hauser & Wirth Menorca.

Carlos López is this year’s resident artist as a result of the open call made by Hauser & Wirth in Menorca. Since he arrived on the island, López affirms that «I have gained some experience globallyI have been working on the one hand directly with the gallery team, they have involved me in many of their activities, so that I too could experience first-hand how the gallery works and additionally I have assumed part of the educational project for this new exhibition of summer”.

From the beginning, López has been very clear about the need to engage the public with this summer’s exhibition. «For me it was important that people felt part of this, that they did not feel alienated, is something that I have felt from the beginning, that worried everyone in the gallery. It seemed fundamental to me to collaborate with local entities and also very important to involve children who are perhaps the most forgotten public at an institutional level within art, they are the great forgotten ones », he assures.

The work of the artist-in-residence during those months has been to make “an enormous amount”, he stresses, workshops with children, with local foundations, geriatric centers, also with adults and teachers, «the drawings are what articulate the Education Lab art installation that closes this year’s exhibition by Rashid Johnson. It is a simple proposal so that we could adapt it to each type of audience, thus making it all the complex that precisely this type of audience allowed us. The results have been very diverse but together they work insofar as they generate this collective installation that occupies the entire ceiling of the gallery », he points out.

For his part, Mar Rescalvo recalls that the educational project was born last year and the residence was created with the artist Mark Bradford in relation to its exhibition «Masses and Movements», in collaboration with the students of the Escola d’Art de Menorca, which involved more than 1,300 students with educational activities. Building on this success, the Education Lab was started at Hauser & Wirth’s three art centers in Los Angeles, Somerset and Menorca.