Harper Seven Beckham in evening dress: You’ve never seen her so grown up

Harper Seven Beckham
In the evening dress it is clear: she is now a teenager

Harper Seven, David Beckham

© instagram.com/victoriabeckham

The celebrity looks of the day in the GALA ticker: Harper Seven is on vacation in Venice with father David Beckham and shows a different side there +++ Stefanie Giesinger dances in an XXS bikini.

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June 14, 2022

Harper shows in Venice: She is no longer a child

Harper Seven, 10, is enjoying some time with her father in Venice. A trip for two to one of the most magical cities in Europe. David Beckham, 47, describes it on Instagram as a trip to “Chic Venice” to create unforgettable memories. Both have dressed up for the short vacation. While David wears trousers and shirts elegantly as usual, it is mainly Harper who stands out fashionably. It almost seems as if she no longer shops in the children’s department, but has already been inspired by the cool teens. For the gondola ride, she chooses a purple spaghetti strap dress with a smock section that slightly accentuates the 10-year-old’s waist. In addition, she combines red Nike sneakers, which are currently in vogue.

Harper and David Beckham enjoying their time together in Venice.

Harper and David Beckham enjoying their time together in Venice.

© instagram.com/davidbeckham

For the evening, the short summer dress is exchanged for a floor-length evening dress, which suddenly makes Harper look much older. Mum Victoria, who is unfortunately unable to join the short trip, proudly posted the picture of Harper in evening wear with her dad and revealed in her post that this shot melts her heart.

June 13, 2022

Stefanie Giesinger shows her new mini bikini on Instagram

Once again Stefanie Giesinger, 25, shows that flashy clothes are her thing. Although she doesn’t wear much, she’s probably the biggest eye-catcher at the pool in her new XXS crocheted bikini. On Instagram, the model posted a reel of her dancing in her neon yellow mini bikini, pink sunglasses and bucket hat. Her breasts are barely covered by the crocheted hemp leaf and flower, and the panties are embroidered with a rainbow.

With this look, she is really warming up a past summer trend – already in summer 2021 Dua Lipa launched a trend with the same crochet model. The singer showed up at the pool with the XXS part and staged it just as sexy as Stefanie Giesinger now.

However, it is clear that the outfit is not quite suitable for everyday use – nevertheless, Stefanie Giesinger seems to feel very comfortable in it.

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