“fire Wednesday” in delightful pole dancing

The talented singer María León is one of the best artists born in Mexico, because apart from having an incredible voice that has taken her to where she is, as well as some dancing skills that have made her stand out in all the talent contests in those who have participated.

The ex-vocalist of the band limbo beach uses his social networks to share messages full of positivism, as well as to show off his work and project, however, on this occasion he would decide to show his more than two million followers a fragment of one of his greatest passions apart from music, which is dance, hanging a photo where it appears next to a bar.

“Wednesday of fire” that’s how I call the post where you see Mary Leon with a flirtatious outfit and elegant sneakers next to a tube, since on several occasions he has shared videos with his followers in which he performs choreographies with all kinds of songs, radiating grace, elegance and flirtation.

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A perfect photo showing the 36-year-old singer performing a choreography, she headed the post by writing:

“I fly happily no matter what those who have never dared to fly say…”

Her black hair in pronounced waves, falling free, wearing a shiny top and small white shorts to make a color contrast, a dark photo edition with green and blue colors, taken in one of her presentations, since they are a great show because apart from performing his singles, he dances and plays instruments.

BY CLICKING HERE you can admire its beauty.

María León: “Wednesday of fire” in a delightful pole dance, photo: instagram

Mary Leon She has distinguished herself for being very talented and having a very good attitude and heart, since she always tries to motivate all her fans with beautiful messages of improvement, she even recently tried to give visibility to her fans who belong to the LGBT+ community, writing and performing a song called “Forbidden to Love Us”, a song that is a whole rainbow.

Being completely honest with her followers and she has known how to lead her private life, in that way, private, without scandals, much less gossip, so she has a career focused merely on her talent.

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