“Farmer is looking for a woman internationally”: Four to one for love!

“Farmer is looking for a woman internationally”
Four to one for love!

By Kai Butterweck

The big “Farmer is looking for a woman international” adventure is over. Inka Bause asks for the conclusion round and meets happy faces almost everywhere in the world. Only in the Peruvian jungle does love stand in front of closed doors after an emotional week in the yard.

The end of the love journey is in sight. The Court Weeks are heading towards the grand finale. Of course, the question arises not only for Inka Bause, but also for the excited format community: Which couples can imagine a common everyday life?

Inka Bause has once again done a great job.

(Photo: RTL)

In Alsace, people are still roaring in the fast lane in this regard. Potato farmer Justin and his Stefanie’s happiness in love, which was already found during the farm week, continues to grow even months after shooting has ended. In the meantime, moving boxes are already being unpacked on the farmer’s farm. “A great miracle happened!” Justin’s parents, Agnès and Claude, rejoice. Steffi and Justin are in the middle of planning a future together, which everyone in Alsace is looking forward to. Then a glass of champagne. A la vôtre!

Rolinka is happy

Did it spark a few hundred kilometers further south? In any case, winemaker Rolinka has a smile on her face when she walks along the beach with her Frank. “How would you describe your feeling in one word?” Frank wants to know. Seconds later, “happy” is written in the wet sand.

Rolinka and her Hesse, who live in Switzerland, have a lot in common. Walks through nature, bike tours over hill and dale, life with animals: the foundation on which a relationship can grow has already been laid. The only thing missing is the okay of both “parties” for an emotional union. Shortly before the end of the farm week, Frank and Rolinka finally agree on an extension of the big picture. Lo and behold: even six months later, Frank can still be found regularly on the winemaker’s rustic property: “It tingles, and if it tingles, then you’re probably in love,” explains Rolinka with shining eyes.

“Really Pulled Your Feet Away”

What works in France should also work in South Africa and Canada. Everything takes a little longer under maple leaves and savannah bushes, but love has also left its mark here. For the nanny Martina, it’s once again a quad ride through the fields in South Africa. Always there is her asparagus farmer Rüdiger, who not only surprises his lady of hearts with a hand-signed ostrich egg, but also with a final sunset trip. Rüdiger is to visit his Martina in Baden-Württemberg in the near future: “It really took my feet off here,” the lady-in-waiting sobbed as she said goodbye. Even Rüdiger can no longer hold back a few tears.

“Farmer is looking for a woman internationally”

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Before the farm weekend in Canada and the future planning associated with it are taken care of, Hans and Danielle first have to feed two little kittens found in the forest. The deeply relaxed couple is just as well-rehearsed as when saving the lives of animals when mowing the lawn.

Four sheep for love

Danielle is not afraid of big animals or big tractors. Only one thing is missing from Hamburg’s choice for perfect happiness: “I would like it if you still had sheep,” whispers Danielle with a languid look. Less than 12 hours later, four full-grown balls of wool are hopping across the farm’s own pasture: “That opened my heart,” beams Danielle. Now nothing stands in the way of an extension of the Hofwoche in distant Canada.

Only thing missing is the happy ending in Peru. With Felix and Simone, however, the love adventure doesn’t really get going. After a week in the South American pampa, the blessings of the natives and an extraordinary schnapps tasting don’t help either. Felix and Simone want to, but somehow can’t. When they say goodbye, the two have mixed feelings. While Felix struggles with an “emotional chaos”, tears well up in the eyes of the disappointed and sad Simone in the taxi bus. It just can’t work out with love everywhere: “It’s a shame, but it would have taken more time for a real relationship,” explains Felix.