Everyone talks about Anitta’s tail wagging with dental floss, but here we are talking about her new album

Anitta, famous Brazilian singer interpreter of “Envolver”.

Photo: Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

Anitta with her “Versions of Me” has 15 songs10 of which are still unreleased and 5 released in recent months, since, in addition to “Me Gusta” and “Faking Love”, the album includes three singles that have become big hits: “Girl from Rio”, “ Boys don’t cry” and “Wrap”.

The latter, released last November, allowed Anitta to become the first Latin American woman to be number one in the world last week and in the only Brazilian with a song among the five most listened to in the world, achieving 6.5 million reproductions on the Spotify platform.

“Envolver”, a reggaeton recorded in Spanish, also made the 29-year-old singer the first Brazilian number one in the world on Billboard’s Global 200 list (which does not include the American public) this week. His association on the new album with American singer-songwriter Khalid gave birth to the song “Ur baby”, which, on his social networks, he described as “romantic but not danceable”.. It’s a kind of R&B to listen to when you’re passionate and thinking about someone.”

“It’s one of the songs that I didn’t write. I received it from my administrators and immediately loved it. The day I recorded it, he had to force himself not to cry in front of Khalid because my dream was to have him as a companion on that song,” added the Brazilian, referring to the American who has hits like Young Dumb & Broke, Location, Better and 8teen.

Regarding the song in association with Ty Dolla $ign, “Gimme your number”, he stated that it is a hip hop version of a music known throughout the world and very danceable. “Mix English and Spanish. Even Ty takes a bit of a risk with Spanish. It was very legal,” she said.

Another of the international associations is “María Elegant”, in which she sings together with the British DJ, singer and composer Afro B, famous worldwide for the song “Drogba”, which reached number 23 on the Billboard list, and for Afrowave records.

As for the Brazilians, Anitta’s new album includes the song “Que rabao”, a funk in which she sings together with the producer Papatinho and that has some verses that were recorded by the famous funker Mr. Catra before his death in 2018.

It is noteworthy that Anitta has become the hottest Brazilian celebrity. Probably surpassing Suzy Cortez herself, because she put herself in a cat position and with a sinful dental floss she made her song “Wrap” go around the world, also awakening the famous Anitta Challenge; even Karol G and Yailin La Más Viral have been confronted by this shameless movement.

Judge for yourself, who does it better?

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