Erasmo Catarino suffered discrimination in the artistic world: “Because of my height, skin color, language and origin”

Erasmo Catarino recently released the song “The Perfect Woman”, dedicated to his mother (Photo: File)

The singer Erasmo Catarino has the affection of his audience who met him when in 2005 he became the winner of the fourth generation of The academythe famous singing contest that this Sunday, June 12, will be coming to the screen in its anniversary edition.

The young man, who was then 28 years old, was able to win the applause and sympathy of the audience for his talent and charisma, because being a man of modest origin Erasmus was able to achieve identification with the general public.

Now that many years have passed since his departure from reality showthe former teacher from the municipality of Xalpatláhuac, Guerrero, continues to release musical productions At the same time that he develops his facet as an entrepreneur: he opened a hotel in Morelos and is about to open another in his home state.

The singer frequently performs at municipal parties (Photo: FB/Erasmo Catarino)
The singer frequently performs at municipal parties (Photo: FB/Erasmo Catarino)

It is so this 2022, Catarino is launching the theme The Perfect Womana song that, although he did not compose due to a self-confessed ‘mental block’, It is dedicated to his wife and his mother, who died four years agoand who left him multiple life teachings.

The singer of songs like the little apple Y what cool eyes remembered how his relationship with the lady was, who always encouraged him to move forward in the world of music despite their personal obstacles and difficulties.

“(I remember that he told me) always be a person of your word, responsible. fresh out of The academythe pressure of fame was so great that she told me: ‘This is your job, if you don’t like it, lock yourself up, save yourself; people don’t know if you have a problem or if you’re hungry, but this is your job.’ It always instilled in me to respect peopleand I see that in the love and loyalty that the public gives me, “the singer told the magazine TV and novels.

At 44 years old, Erasmo is still active in the musical world (Photo: FB/Erasmo Catarino)
At 44 years old, Erasmo is still active in the musical world (Photo: FB/Erasmo Catarino)

The memory of his mother brought up the hard episodes that Erasmus experienced in his youthbecause he was a victim of discrimination on different occasions. This is how the 44-year-old man remembered it today:

“I grew up with her since high school; I attended primary school in communities where my mother tongue, Nahuatl, is spoken. When I arrived at CDMX she did not speak Spanish well, discrimination was daily bread And I learned to live with it.

However, faced with these signs of unfounded rejection, it was her mother who he advised him and instilled in him the idea of ​​being proud of being who he is and of his origin:

The artist revealed that he suffered strong rejection in his youth (Photo: FB/Erasmo Catarino)
The artist revealed that he suffered strong rejection in his youth (Photo: FB/Erasmo Catarino)

“My mother appeared there telling me: ‘Don’t pay attention’, and that’s where I also hung up on this issue. She was always present; she told me that, first of all, I should be proud of who I am and where I come from. High school was perhaps the most complicated stage, so much so that I decided to get out of it and went to a Bachelor’s degree where my niche was and that’s where I stayed,” the artist recalled.

However, this reprehensible situation also was repeated within the artistic environment, because Erasmus suffered rejection from some people; however, the support of his mother was crucial so that it did not affect him.

Erasmus confessed that his mother's death left him with a "mind block" for the composition (Photo: IG: erasmooficial)
Erasmo confessed that the death of his mother left him with a “mental block” for composition (Photo: IG: erasmooficial)

“When I got to the middle discrimination was normal; I suffered it from one or two singers or groups, but I have always taken things from whom they come. My case is not unique, several have gone through this situation and have lived it in a different way; In my case, because of my height, my skin color, my language, my origin… My mother was fundamental to overcome all that and that it did not affect me. When I meet a person like that, I always step aside, “said the Mexican regional interpreter.


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