El Drogas, José Luis Lizarraga, Pedro Salaberri and Josu Imanol Delgado, candidates for the Prince of Viana

The painter Peter Salaberrisinger and founder of the rock group Barricada Enrique Villarreal “The Drugs”the musician and composer Jose Luis Lizarragaand the economist Joshua Imanol Delgado make up the group of candidates who have been presented to opt to receive this year’s Prince of Viana Prize for Culture.

The Príncipe de Viana Awards are convened by the Government of Navarra with the aim of “highlighting and recognizing the careers of relevant people or entities in the world of culture, including both creative action in the fields of plastic arts, music, literature, etc., as well as work in the fields of science, technology and research”, as stated in the bases thereof.

The jury, made up of the representatives of the Navarran Council for Culture and the Arts, will analyze the proposals, together with their merits and their special connection with Navarra, and will decide on the winning candidacy at a meeting to be held throughout the month of may.

The current edition maintains the economic endowment of 20,000 euros, which will be delivered in full to whoever obtains the prize and which was recovered for the award in 2021.

four candidates

Enrique Villarreal Armendariz (Pamplona, ​​1959), better known as “El Drogas”, has been proposed by the member of the Navarre Council for Culture and the Arts, Ángel García Carreño. With a musical career of more than 40 years, he has been part of various musical groups. He started in “Punk Sapos Band” and “Kafarnaún” to found in 1982 the group Barricada, along with “Boni” Hernández, Mikel Astrain and Sergio Osés.

With this group he has released more than 20 albums and sold more than a million copies and has become, according to his mentor at the award, “one of the global references for rock in Spanish”. At the beginning of the 90’s he combined his activity in Barricada with other artistic projects such as “Txarrena” and “Grandma’s Revenge”.

She has written a book of poems “Three Stitches” under the pseudonym Eva Zanroi and has also published several works such as “The Eye of the Needle” or “The Flying Shoes” dedicated to children.

Pedro Salaberri Zunzarren (Pamplona, ​​1947) “has developed an extensive pictorial work linked to the interpretation of nature, both to the expression of the landscape and to the portrait of human nature, using his painting to dignify our daily life”, according to the candidacy presented by the members of the Navarre Council for Culture and the Arts José Javier Azanza, Javier Balda, Francisco Javier Chocarro, Susana García, Ana Moreno, Javier Manzanos and Villar López.

He began drawing and painting studies at the Pamplona School of Arts and Crafts. According to the promoters of the candidacy, “Pedro Salaberri has brought to the art and culture of Navarra a different and innovative view of the landscape, a view based on a synthesis of the essential elements that make it up with a stripped-back, serene and effective aesthetic “. He has received numerous awards and has exhibited his work in cities across the State and even in New York.

Jose Luis Lizarraga Gaston, born in Añorbe 82 years ago (1940), blind since he was 14, lost his sight due to meningitis. He learned music theory and piano and is the author of numerous musical works, including more than two hundred Navarrese jotas, songs, processional marches, jota-villancico, etc., for rondalla, accordion and band.

Some of his best-known songs are: “Who has not run the running of the bulls”, “The caresses of a mother”, “There is silence in Irati”, “At 12 o’clock on July 6 a cry sounds in Pamplona” or “Jota de Valdizarbe”, without forgetting one of his best-known works entitled “What made San Fermín cry”.

According to the candidacy, proposed by the Asociación Escuela de Jotas de Buñuel, it is a “very popular song, recorded and performed by numerous voices of the Navarrese jota”. In addition, he has accompanied the Lizarraga Brothers, his nephews, with the accordion in various concerts, with whom he has recorded several albums.

The candidacy of Josu Imanol Delgado Ugarte (Bilbao, 1965) is proposed by the Comunica Valencia Association and as merits to do so, his facet as a writer is contributed, with the publication of 37 books on Economics and Finance with titles such as “El crash del 2007”, “Economía Fácil”, or “Cryptocurrencies present and future”. He also highlights the proponent entity’s work “of disclosure and promotion of economic and financial culture, as well as business.”

He is an economist specialized in Finance and Strategic Business Management, Doctor in Business Administration, Finance, or Master in Business Administration, University Specialist in Financial Derivatives and Expert in International Banking Negotiation.