Dulce María is angry after RBD’s social networks supported Anahí and “ignored” her tribute to the band

Sweet Maria.

Photo: Archive/ Ángel Delgado / Reforma Agency

At the first concert of the “2000s Pop Tour”, Dulce María surprised her followers by going out to sing RBD hits dressed as her character “Roberta” from the soap opera “Rebelde“. that same weekend Anahí also went to a concert to perform a hit by the band, but at Karol G’s concert at the Arena Ciudad de México, on Saturday, June 11. However, it seems that RBD’s social networks shared only one of these moments, upsetting fans and one of the singers.

​”Too bad I don’t know who manages the @RBD_oficial networks, but it would have been nice if they joined this great tribute we did for the entire Rebel generation and the 2000s, in short, thanks to the more than 25 thousand people who remembered and they sang with uswas Dulce María’s comment on Twitter, talking about the team that manages RBD’s social networks, which had only shared the moment that occurred at the Karol G concert.

In the “2000s Pop Tour”, the singer performed songs like “Just stay silent”, “This heart”, “There is still something” and “After me”.wearing a white mini dress and a red jacket, similar to the one worn by the students of the school in which the telenovela “Rebelde” took place.

Dulce Maria’s annoyance was because The RBD Twitter account reacted more quickly to Anahí’s return to the stage after 11 years away to sing “Sálvame” at the Karol G concert.

This is because the band’s social networks shared this presentation at the Colombian concert in their stories and retweeted messages that both Karol G and Anahí wrote on the subject, but did not say anything about the moment with Dulce María in their accounts. .

“Who else keeps reliving this moment in their head?” commented on Karol G’s tweet referring to this singer’s surprise for her Mexican fans. They also retweeted Anahí’s response reacting with some emojis: “I love you! With my whole heart! You will never imagine what you gave me tonight beautiful queen! You are from another world! You and me forever!”.

However, they only shared the moment of Dulce María Almost 10 hours after the singer complained about it, a video on Instagram commented: “Our dear Dulce Maria breaking the stage of the 2000s Pop Tour with the anthems of RBD.”

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