Disaster, Mexican artist in exhibition on Banksy

It has toured different cities, including Istanbul, Amsterdam, Berlin, Seoul and Miami, but Santiago de Chile is the first Latin American country to receive The Art of Banksy: Without Limitsthe unauthorized exposure of the enigmatic British graffiti artist.

However, commented the director of the Gabriela Mistral Cultural Center, site that currently houses more than 160 works, “the Banksy Pest Control company knows and confirms its content”. In the exhibition, which pays tribute to the artist of the street artthere are original pieces, such as a rug with the legend “Welcome”, as well as replicas of his famous murals, which featured the collaboration of creators from Spain, Chile and Mexico.

For this reason, Mexico City is on the list of possible places to be visited by the exhibition, refers Disaster, graphic designer, graffiti artist and Mexican artist from street art who participates in The Art of Banksy: Without Limits.

“I like to visit different cities and on one of those trips I met the curator of this exhibition, William Quintana, and he liked my work. Then I met him personally in Berlin, I returned to Mexico and it took time for us to talk again.

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About the exhibition, Disaster points out that he is one of the artist captains, who go to the cities where the exhibition is being held to paint the murals that have Banksy’s originals as a reference, and leave them as similar as possible so that people, who have never had the opportunity to see a Banksy in the street, have the impact of seeing a mural.

So we go around the city making murals, some of them the same as those in other cities, and others new. It is a totally process street art so that the piece is something that looks very cool”, says the graffiti artist.

Disaster has had to do several murals, “but the one I paint on all dates is one that is a heart balloon that has band-aids, like patchwork. It’s like a helium balloon. I chose the piece because when they told me that I was going to paint, the first time in Atlanta, they told me that this was one of the murals; for me it was a challenge because it has three-dimensional effects and has details such as the edges of the Band-Aid and those of the balloon, which gives it the finish-texture”, explains Desastre.

What do you think of Banksy?

“I as an artist, and many people as an artist, must be very grateful for Banksy’s work, because he is a person who opened the doors for urban art, and a large part of graffiti, to have the opportunity to live from it. That is to say , was the catalyst, the bridge that was used so that people, like the big brands, put their eyes on the creation of the artists and began to pay for their work”.

Urban art was viewed as an act of vandalism and now there are exhibitions. There is a before and after Banksy.

“Totally. The need and obligation of human beings to communicate have always existed, since we walked the earth. That communication developed along with creativity and graffiti writers began to exist, who initially tried to mark their neighborhood and mark their plaque so that they would know that this place belonged to those people”.


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“Then it begins to evolve because we live in a world in which political-social opinion can be made through the streetart; It is when important communications of these ideas arise on the street, which in my case I like to communicate certain things, people begin to pay attention to those writers or those artists, and begin to give value to their work, because it is no longer bordering on to scratch, is to communicate something that can change the thinking of one or many people”.

Without knowing his identity, why do you think he is so successful?

“Because it says a lot with an image, or with few words; finding a way to communicate a complete idea through an image implies having a very creative mind. He was the first to make this type of criticism, which mixes very harsh social criticism , politics and the street art“.

Who is Banksy? Woman, man or a collective?

“I don’t like to ask questions: I know people who have been closer to him. Obviously I can’t say if it’s true or not. I don’t like to speculate because what matters here is the work that is embodied with Banksy’s name. If he’s not a public figure, it’s because he doesn’t like being one.”

“Me neither, if the opportunity arose, I would like people to locate me because of my work, because what matters is what one can convey with art and not because of who you are.”


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Difference between graffiti and ‘street art’

To know the difference, Desastre explains that “the basis of graffiti is the letters, it is to give your tag, paint your piece or your bombs so that people know your nickname or graffiti tag. Street art tries to communicate an idea, it can be an intervention with a stencil, it can be an intervention with posters, with a brush… to communicate something. Graffiti is something more pure, with the intention of creating letters in different styles and effects to improve your level as a graffiti writer”.