Cycle tourism: it will be the summer of cycling holidays

It is the Grand tour of the Savio Valley, in Emilia-Romagna, the green cycle route winner of the Italian green road award 2022, the Italian cycling tourism Oscar: the award was awarded in Matera during an event (2-4 June ) entirely dedicated to “slow” pedal tourism. In the last two years, cycle tourism has strongly established itself among the forms of sporting and sustainable tourism, so much so that the Regions have implemented the offer of cycle paths, cycle paths equipped with signs and adequate services along the route. Specific themed apps have also been created to accompany cyclists to discover territories full of charm in “bike friendly” mode.

There are many partnerships that favor slow and green holidays: first of all that with Trenitalia, to facilitate the union between train and two wheels in travel.

A great opportunity to enhance the territory

The success of cycle tourism is not a trend, but experts believe that it is destined to continue, because this form of active holiday responds to an ever-growing desire for open-air spaces, allows us to adopt sustainable behaviors (for which Italians show growing sensitivity) and helps to preserve and enhance the territories. The pandemic and the need for distancing have also contributed to making this sports holiday an important and profitable reality for tourist resorts. Sebastiano Venneri, tourism manager of Legambiente, underlines: “The explosion of the phenomenon of cycling holidays and the discovery of local tourism represent a unique opportunity for the development of the internal areas of our country and for a significant growth in sustainable mobility, that cuts the consumption of fossils and brings the ecological transition closer ”. Pedaling along ad hoc itineraries allows you to enjoy natural landscapes of great beauty, but also to visit isolated villages, architectural and historical remains full of charm, archaeological areas.

Also useful for psycho-emotional balance

Last but not least, it is a healthy exercise for physical fitness and psycho-emotional balance. If you are afraid of not succeeding, because you are not trained, remember that there are also e-bikes, to approach sport on two wheels with gentleness and gradualness: 46% of dedicated tour packages provide for the use of e-bikes.

Many suggestive proposals

In our country there are 4,940 routes suitable for two-wheelers: not only cycle paths for exclusive use, but itineraries that combine cycle and pedestrian paths, cycle paths, roads and cycleways, on average affected by scarce or low traffic.

The Grand tour of the Savio Valley is a circular route and mostly winds along roads that are no longer used and along embankments. It touches Unesco heritage sites and monuments and offers all kinds of structures adapted to the needs of tourists-cyclists. Second classified at the Italian green road award 2022 is the Strada di Marca, in the Marche region, a ring route that embraces 5 valleys, winding through gentle hills and touching villages rich in history, craftsmanship and food and wine discoveries. In third place of the Oscars came the Valchiavenna Cycle Path, which connects Lake Como to Val Bregaglia: a cycling and pedestrian only route, usable all year round, which laps imposing waterfalls, ancient historic centers such as Chiavenna, archaeological excavations and guarantees all kinds of technical and recreational assistance for two wheels (and their drivers).

A special mention by the jury went to the Green road of the Dolomites, in the province of Trento), for the particular attention to sustainable tourism in that area, and the special mention of Legambiente awarded the Ofanto Cycle Route, in Puglia, between rural villages, archeology and spectacular monuments, for the careful enhancement of the territory.

You just have to get in the saddle.