Cuban actress Coralita Veloz arrives in Miami

The renowned Cuban actress Coralita Veloz is in Miami, according to what her daughter announced on social networks.

“My mother has arrived. After many years, she is here,” actress María Karla Rivero Veloz, known as Maka Riveloz, wrote on her social networks.

Dozens of colleagues from the world of acting have reacted to the publication by leaving emotional messages to both for the reunion.

“Ayyyyyyy Maka, how nice to have your mommy with you, a big kiss for both of you”, “I’m very happy, a big big kiss” and “What good news!! Let’s enjoy each other”, are some of the comments that can be read in the post.

Coralita Veloz, 72, is the mother of María Karla and Tahimí Alvariño, who lives in Cuba.

Alvariño also shared photos of Coralita with her sister in Miami on her Instagram stories. “Family time”, he wrote it.

Her career in the world of film and television on the island began when she was just a child. Ella coralita has worked on multiple series, novels and plays. She also served as an entertainer for musical television programs such as Good afternoon, and on the programs En frequency and Sorpresa, both on Radio Liberación.

In the cinema, he has worked on films such as Up to a Certain Point, Waiting List, Life is Whistling and Long Distance.

His most recent work was in the short film Las Polacas, in which he starred alongside his daughter Tahimí Alvariño.

The audiovisual, directed by the Guantanamo director Carlos Barba Salva, received last year the Special Choral Award of the Jury at the International Festival of New Latin American Cinema in Havana, as well as the collateral “Cibervoto” award from the Fundación Del Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano.

In the short, Coralita and Tahimí not only share the leading roles, but also play the characters of mother and daughter, after many years without acting together.

The story takes place during a trip of both in a Polski Fiat, popularly known in Cuba as “polaquito”, where they recall the main conflicts that have marked their lives.

Last year, in a round of questions from her followers on Instagram, Maka revealed that she had come to the United States thanks to her husband Jean Michel winning the hype.

Maka is the daughter of Coralita with the late poet Raúl Rivero, one of 75 prisoners of the Black Spring in Cuba.

For years she has been working with her husband on the popular program This has no name, which is broadcast on the YouTube channel Somos Miami TV.

The couple has a little boy named Iré. In their social networks they usually share moments of family life.

They recently received several vacation days for Diego, the youngest son of Tahimí Alvariño with Bárbaro Marín.

“Thank you Diego, it was a few days full of joy and love, lived intensely. This will be the beginning of many days like this. We love you,” the proud aunt wrote on her social networks after the farewell.

Last November, when Coralita turned 72, Maka dedicated some emotional words to her.

“They say that children choose their parents, so I chose very well, having you and enjoying you is a luxury that I give myself every day. Thank you for all your love, your daughters are proud of you.”