Christian Nodal What is it like and how much do you pay for this mansion?

Christian Nodal who announced several weeks ago that he would move to the United States, it would be to a mansion where he pays a very high rent, we tell you the details about this amount.

The singer Christian Nodal would then provoke a great controversy after a dynamic past with his followers to whom he expressed his reasons why he preferred to live in the United States than in Mexico, since there he could enjoy his luxuries more freely.

At that time, some reports circulated about the mansion that the interpreter of “We are no longer, nor will we be“According to the drivers of the famous YouTube channel, the monthly income of said mansion ranges between 25 and 30 thousand dollars, assured the drivers of Gossip No Like.

Christian Nodal How much rent do you pay for a mansion in the US? Photo: Capture Instagram

“Yesterday Christian Nodal does a live and you can see the mansion that he rents here in the Hollywood Hills when he comes to the United States, now the rumor we have from a very good source, that he could, because he is interested, in getting to buy it, “said Elisa Beristain in that moment.

According to reports, the alleged home in Los Angeles, California, in one of the most exclusive and luxurious areas of California, adding more points with the privacy that the residence possesses with excellent views of a canyon and the Hollywood sign that would make the “Belinda’s ex-fiancé” on the top of the world”.

Currently, the place that was built in 2006, with an extension of 9,000 square feet, it transpired, would be found as an Airbnb.

The real estate manager, Sandy Flores, shared in past reports to TvNotas that the “Mexican singer-songwriter” Christian Jesús González was considering whether to buy the place, which has a price of 11 million dollars.

Apparently, it also transpired at that time that its owner has tried to put it up for sale since 2007 without any success, so he subsequently rented it, and now with the “originally from Sonora” renting it, the owner would not rule out the possibility that finally the luxurious place can pass into other hands.

The composer, Christian Jesus Gonzalez Nodal He has held several luxury parties in his temporary shelter and the fact is that the property is huge, it has a swimming pool, a large 915-meter party, an outdoor lounge area and a bar.

In addition, it also has five bedrooms with bathroom each, has a spectacular view of the roads of Hollywood and is located in an area with absolute privacy, near the famous “Sunset Strip”, one of the most famous avenues in Los Angeles.

The place also has a movie theater and sauna. While the main bedroom has a fireplace and a bathroom with a double shower, as described.

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