Chihuahua, hotbed of talent

chihuahua.- The auditions of ‘La Voz México’ continue, and it was last Tuesday, June 14, where the Chihuahuan talent was once again present on the stage of the reality show, where the singers Marisol Hernández, as well as the duet Rocé, integrated by the married couple Rocío and César, captivated coaches David Bisbal, Yuridia, Ha-Ash and Joss Favela with their performances.

Showing their talent, the Rocé duet, made up of 36-year-old Rocío Cruz and 34-year-old César David, who are husband and wife, met through music and have been together for 15 years, were present at La Voz, performing the song ‘Destino’, a song made famous by the late singers Rocío Durcal and Juan Gabriel. The Chihuahuans turned the four coaches’ chairs, who congratulated them and praised them for their participation, and each one tried to convince them to go to their teams, but they chose to choose the Yuridia team.

Roce Duet

In an exclusive interview for El Diario, the talented couple commented on the process of reaching La Voz México and their feeling of being part of this reality show.

“This is a dream come true, it is a great platform and we always wanted to fulfill that goal as a couple and personally, and this is a great boost for our music, the process has not been easy, we had been trying for several years both separately and as a couple, but this time it happened”.

“We are very happy to be living this experience, we have the support of the family and our children, and we feel that we achieved what we wanted,” said the singers Rocío and César.

15 years ago they started a musical adventure in the state capital, forming the Rocé duet, having a positive response from the public, and to date they continue to pave the way to make their project and their music known; Such was the case last Tuesday, June 14, that made the emotions of the coaches vibrate.

“There were many mixed feelings, a pleasant surprise, to see that after so much work what we had longed for is happening, obviously representing Chihuahua, our family, our dreams, telling people that yes you can, there were many very nice things that happened, “he said.

And although everyone tried to convince them to stay on their teams, the couple of singers said that one of the reasons they decided to go to Yuridia’s team was because of the comment he made about César’s voice, which they have compared for many years with that of the singer Carlos Rivera.

“That comment he made about the similarity of the tone of Carlos Rivera’s voice with that of my husband, they have always commented on it, but it is not from now, it is from before, and he told us that we would work on it, in addition to being a platform to make ourselves known, all this helps us to improve”, said Rocío Cruz.

Preparing for what’s next

“We have a lot of faith, we are rehearsing and preparing for the next stages of the contest, preparing ourselves mentally, singing, vocalizing and making ourselves strong as a couple and with all the desire to continue,” they indicated.

Dreams come true

Rocío and César are the clear example that dreams do come true, as long as you work on them. “Everything is based on a lot of effort, breaking stones, for us family always comes first, but God’s times are perfect and now is our time, and we want our children to see through our participation in La Voz that dreams come true”.


“Whether or not this contest is won, obviously we are subject to what God and destiny have, for us to be on this platform is a great boost for our musical career and to make ourselves known, and for people to know that we are not only singers, my husband César is a composer, he already has several songs, and to invite people to listen to our music on digital platforms and follow us on social networks, our plans are to continue growing and put Chihuahua on high”, they pointed out.

The stage of La Voz continued to show a waste of Chihuahuan talent with Marisol Hernández, 27 years old, performing the song ‘El amor de mi vida’ by Horacio Palencia; she immediately turned the chairs of David Bisbal, Yuridia and Joss Favela. The coaches were surprised by her great vocal talent, they congratulated her, because the Chihuahuan, with her participation, made the interpreter of ‘Amigos no, por favor’ cry, and each of the panelists tried to convince her to take her to their teams, but the native of the large state decided to go to the Joss Favela team.

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quite a personal challenge

Meanwhile, during the interview with the singer Marisol Hernández, she excitedly shared what motivated her to reach La Voz México.

“My biggest reason for getting to the voice is to be able to show myself that I am capable of doing incredible things and overcoming my fears, since I was little I have sung and I always had that uncertainty of knowing what would happen if one day I appeared on television, but fears me. They always won and I didn’t try much, “he revealed.

And although the process has not been easy at all, for Marisol, being part of this reality show is a challenge in her career, she assured that she is enjoying it to the fullest, the singer has worked in musical theater works, and is currently part of a versatile group in this city.

“I am fortunate to share the love of music with my brother Jorge Hernández, who is a guitarist, so sometimes we work together too and we have a lot of fun,” he said.

a pleasant experience

For the singer, being in front of the coaches was like being in a dream, and the decision to go with Joss Favela was due to the admiration she has for the singer-songwriter.

“His artistic quality, his history as a composer is admirable, apart from the fact that when he sang I felt that he was the most excited to listen to me and that is highly valued,” he said.

“I feel very happy and excited that this is happening in my life and I also think that now that I am inside the voice, a great responsibility comes because it is like unlocking a new path in life, where what matters most is the perseverance and not giving up, hard work begins so that many more dreams that I want to achieve in my life materialize, it is the beginning of a great path, I thank God for every step in my life”, he indicated.

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Chihuahua is a hotbed of talent in all areas and in this contest they have highlighted the vocal capacity that is available in the large state, so far there are four Chihuahuans who have conquered the coaches, another of the participants is Reyna Bosquez, a native of Parral, Chihuahua, who is already preparing for the next stages of the reality show.

The data

La Voz México 2022 is broadcast from Monday to Friday at 7:30 p.m. on the Azteca Uno signal. In addition, the program can be followed through its official YouTube channel.