Caravan holiday with children, tips

Caravan holiday with children: how to organize a relaxing and fun trip, how to choose the destination and the family friend campsite

Caravan holiday with children

When the time comes to organize the holidays there are many doubts, especially if you have children: how to make sure that the holidays do not turn into a nightmare but are a fun and relaxing moment? Today let’s talk about how organize a caravan holiday with the childrenthe ideal solution for those who want everything at hand and are not afraid of coexistence!

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Why choose to take a caravan holiday with children

Some will turn up their noses, perhaps the same ones who once only attended campsites: yet one caravan holiday with children it can be the ideal solution to make everyone agree. The advantages are in fact numerous:

  • is reduced in the long run cost of hotels (if you buy, but also if you rent it can be convenient)
  • kids love the camping life
  • you can choose at the last minute where to go, just check the availability of a pitch
  • unlike a home, space is limited and you don’t spend time in clean or put in order
  • you can leave when you want!

Small children love the itinerant life and being able to sleep in close contact with mom and dad. The older ones may be less excited, but if they make friends at some campsite they will be happy to return. In short, the caravan holiday it can be the solution to many questions, both economic and organizational!

Where to go in a caravan with children

You have yours caravan, are you only missing the destination? If it is high season, when choosing your destination inquire about the availability of pitches in campsites or in other equipped areas, to avoid nasty surprises. The caravan is obviously suitable for beach holidays (but beware of the heat!), And is ideal for those in the mountains. You can then use it to shoot all Italyincluding the cities of art – just make sure you can settle down somewhere – but also for cross Europe.

There caravan it is also a decidedly economical alternative to take a tour of the United States: many families decide to rent a motorhome or a caravan to do a coast-to-coast or to visit the famous parks of the west, thus sleeping under starry skies!

How to organize a caravan holiday with your children

So let’s come to the tips that can turn a potential nightmare into a dream vacation! Many parents understand the reason for the potential nightmare: sometimes leave with the children it can be really tiring, with complaints, heat, cold, games to remember, meals to prepare, showers, alarm clocks in the morning and so on. If you are traveling in a caravan, take into account some points:

  • expect gods board games and other activities to do indoors
  • if the journeys are long, plan stages that may also be of interest to the little ones and first check where park therethe waits and the long walks in the sun are not appreciated by the little ones (not even the adults!)
  • you choose family friendly campsiteswhere children can travel safely, meet peers and entertain themselves
  • if they hate the sea, opt for the mountains and vice versa, it is useless to meet up with them long faces for the whole holiday
  • bring with you a Tablet by downloading before the episodes of their favorite cartoons or TV series, they could be useful!
  • always keep something from with you tease during the trip, and always choose any restaurants in advance

The spaces in caravans they are limited, so avoid carrying three thousand changes, rather use laundromats if your clothes are really dirty. But for camping life, a dirt stain on your pants is nothing serious!

Leave in caravan holiday with children it’s a fun experience that everyone likes, as long as you organize it down to the smallest detail!

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