Caltanissetta more and more … touristy and attractive: funding of 140 thousand euros for “Infrastructures for the promotion of rural tourism and the Mediterranean lifestyle” – il Fatto Nisseno

CALTANISSETTA – A precious and profitable result brought home by the pentastellata council led by the mayor Roberto Gambino together with qualified and specialized subjects whose participation is functional to the achievement of general and specific objectives: on this occasion we worked to encourage and make the tourist traffic that affects the Nisseno capital throughout the year, as well as creating the desired cultural, information and exhibition center on the ‘Mediterranean lifestyle’ (whose project is destined to revolutionize tourism in Caltanissetta), to be carried out in stretch of Corso Umberto I.

In fact, the Municipality of Caltanissetta is about to receive, together with the partnership of which it is the leader, a loan of approximately 140 thousand euros for the project called “Infrastructures for the promotion of rural tourism and the Mediterranean lifestyle”, thanks, in particular, to the work Deputy Mayor Grazia Giammusso and Councilor Giuseppe La Mensa.

The specific objectives of the project:

1. Creation of a cultural, information and exhibition center on the ‘Mediterranean lifestyle’, to be built in the section of Corso Umberto I (premises donated to the Municipality, former appliance resale) that connects Viale Regina Margherita with the Piazza (budget € 40 thousand) ;

2. Creation of paths to enhance the naturalistic, historical and cultural heritage (budget € 90 thousand);

3. Creation of a dedicated website, with an interactive map (budget € 9 thousand).

The project is based on the cooperation between bearers of specific qualified skills in different and complementary fields, all of central interest for tourists and visitors to the city:

– Municipality of Caltanissetta (leader)

– Municipality of Marianopoli

– Municipality of San Cataldo

– Friends of the Via dei Frati Association – Voluntary Association

– Legambiente Caltanissetta – APS Pro loco di Caltanissetta – Volunteer Association

– Seminary of Caltanissetta – Religious body

– Regional tourist service

– Slow Food Caltanissetta – APS

THE IDEA. The entire bibliography of tourism marketing emphasizes that a good welcome represents the fundamental visiting card for any tourist destination. The basic idea that gave impetus to the birth of the project is that the initial welcome, right from the first steps of tourists and visitors into the area that wants to represent the epicenter of the Mediterranean lifestyle, must correspond to the very essence of tourist experience.

THE RESULTS. The expected results following the realization of these specific objectives will be more than one and connected to each other:

– the creation of a space in which to prepare information resources, the first real contact with the real city context and the ideal accompaniment in the travel experience. The idea is to concentrate in the cultural, information and exhibition center, constantly manned, qualified and complementary knowledge and skills such as those that the project partners represent: environment and landscape / well-being in nature / food and wine / cultural and religious traditions. Make it one of the main starting points for your experience in the lands of Nisseno;

– the systematization of a set of itineraries, most of which are new, and their promotion both through actions by the Center, and by facilitating their use, through the creation of signs and a dedicated website.

WINNING SYNERGY. The project partners already carry out activities in complementary areas, without frequent overlapping: cultural, artistic, naturalistic, sporting and gastronomic promotion activities. These are qualified and specialized subjects whose participation is functional to the achievement of general and specific objectives. Like the Diocesan Museum of the Episcopal Seminary, one of the best examples of quality and management capacity of the territory; in several cases belonging to national networks and circuits of absolute importance, such as Legambiente Caltanissetta, specialized in the promotion and enhancement of naturalistic sites; such as Slow food Caltanissetta, belonging to the circuit that in Italy and beyond, in recent decades, has reintroduced and promoted the trend towards a vision based on a lifestyle much closer to that of our parents and grandparents, enhancing it and promoting it through the vision of “good, clean and fair food for everyone”; such as the Pro loco di Caltanissetta and the Amici della Via dei Frati Association, a group of naturalist volunteers who from nothing have conceived and promoted one of the most innovative paths in Sicily today.

It is a collaboration between subjects who in the Nisseno area have already had the opportunity to experiment in activities aimed at common objectives, but which this time intend to combine energies and motivations for a joint service initiative that has the ambition of becoming an ‘infrastructure’ , to be carried out in full sharing, to multiply the ability to affect the tourist enhancement of the area.

PARTNERSHIP. In the specific case, the partnership is divided into different areas, with the following objectives: the Municipalities of San Cataldo and Marianopoli, share with that of Caltanissetta the desire to protect and promote the novelty represented by the Way of the Friars, novelty certainly capable of generate new tourist flows in their territories affected by the Way. The aforementioned Associations will manage, in a coordinated way, the activities of the ‘Cultural, Information and Exhibition Center of the Mediterranean Lifestyle’, a specific central objective for the project.


– cultural entertainment and convivial encounters, on the history and traditions of Nissen;

– qualified reception, in the terms mentioned above; center for the dissemination of useful information to visitors to the area, including multimedia and online, on the possibilities of engaging free time, inside and outside the city center, in engaging activities centered on discovering the area and those who live there;

– temporary exhibition of typical products of agriculture, food and wine and local artisanal and artistic manufacturing;

– logistic base for tours, outdoor events, excursions to protected areas and paths, roads and the rural environment.

The minimum operational activities to be carried out are those of the daily opening of the premises to the public, of the first conversation with the patrons, of the distribution of information material, of support in finding the desired information through the site and other online services directly accessible from the Center.

These activities will be carried out synergistically, also with the support of young people from the Universal Civil Service, which the Municipality will also manage in the years to come. There are, then, some activities that require a greater density of knowledge and specific skills, these will be carried out by specialized contacts of the project partners. These will include activities that each of the partners will decline with respect to their typical specialist skills.

The Associations, together with the Diocesan Museum of the Episcopal Seminary and the Municipalities, also carried out the function of identifying the routes of the territory to be enhanced and promoted through the creation of appropriate signs in the city, in the vicinity of the identified destinations and at the latter.

CALTANISSETTA, THE HISTORICAL CENTER. The location of the initiative will strengthen the reactivation process of the historic center, especially in the area of ​​Corso Umberto I alta, together with the various initiatives such as the completion of the pilot project of Providence, the murals and the high quality artistic installations that have begun. to populate the same neighborhood, the ‘designer shutters’, the tenders for the allocation of municipal premises at very low prices, the attribution of economic contributions of € 8,000 to those who will activate a new activity in the historic center, the next location of university faculties in Via Re d’Italia.

Caltanissetta, with ever greater incisiveness, wants to enhance its heritage and that of the surrounding territories.

The most substantial investment is foreseen for the realization of paths to enhance the naturalistic, historical and cultural heritage. The routes for which the tourist signs will be created, treated in great detail thanks to the planning activity of the Diocesan Museum of the Episcopal Seminary, Legambiente and the Via dei Frati Association, are the following:

 Way of the friars;

 Paths ‘Middle landscapes’

 Naturalistic-cultural itinerary in the Imera Valley

 Route ‘Colline degli Erei’

 Route ‘Via dei Borghi’

 Route ‘Route of the mines’

 Path ‘Saints and devotions of the Nyssians’