Bushido and Abou-Chaker’s property in Kleinmachnow will be foreclosed on Wednesday

Villa ensemble in Kleinmachnow

Joint property of Bushido and Abou-Chaker is foreclosed on

Eibner press photo/Uwe Koch

Audio: Antenna Brandenburg | 06/14/2022 | Yvonne Krause | Picture: Eibner press photo/Uwe Koch

Two villas, one property, the owners deeply at odds: A property shared by rapper Bushidos and his former business partner Arafat Abou-Chaker is to be foreclosed on. Value: almost 15 million euros.

A villa ensemble that belongs to the rapper Bushido together with the Berlin clan figure Arafat Abou-Chaker is to be foreclosed on Wednesday. This is reported by the magazine “Stern”. Accordingly, bidders must deposit a security of 1.4 million euros with the Potsdam District Court – about ten percent of the total value.

The 16,674 square meter property in Kleinmachnow (Potsdam-Mittelmark) has a market value of 14.8 million euros. Abou-Chaker lives on the premises in a 560 square meter mansion. A second, 634 square meter building, which Anis Ferchichi aka Bushido lived in with his family, is currently empty.

According to the magazine “Stern”, Bushido enforced the foreclosure against Abou-Chaker’s wish. Between the villas lies the underground shell of a wellness area, which may have to be demolished due to a lack of permits.

Safety precautions are tightened

A personal appearance by Bushido and Abou-Chaker cannot be ruled out, a spokesman for the court told rbb. Both could also bid themselves. The security precautions had been tightened for the auction. There will be admission controls, the spokesman said.

The judge does not assume that the 75-seat courtroom 215 will be full. According to rbb information, ten interested parties from Germany had the report sent to them in advance.

“If it were a normal house, the market value would be far exceeded,” Günter Kaiser told rbb. He is responsible for the forced auction portal of the state justice administration [ZVG.com]. In this case, it was “something more special,” says Kaiser. The foreclosure of a property with a value of more than ten million euros, however, is not unusual.

Have been at odds with each other for years

The former friends and business partners are deeply at odds. For about two years, both have been in a legal dispute before the Berlin Regional Court. In the process with Bushido as a joint plaintiff and witness, his former partner is in court together with three of his brothers. The charges are deprivation of liberty, attempted aggravated extortion, coercion, dangerous bodily harm, insult and infidelity.

According to the rapper, his longtime business partner and his brothers are said to have locked him in an office on January 18, 2018, verbally abused, threatened and injured him. The background is said to have been that the clan boss did not accept that the musician had dissolved the business relationship.

Since November 2020, the two have gone their separate ways. At that time, the dissolution of a joint real estate company in Rüdersdorf (Märkisch-Oderland) was decided in a civil lawsuit – also against Abou-Chaker’s will.

In April 2013 it became known that three years earlier, Bushido had issued Abou-Chaker a notarized general power of attorney. This authorized him to dispose of Bushido’s property, assets and accounts at will. Legal transactions in Bushido’s name were possible. This power of attorney, which was also made public by “Stern” at the time, was also valid after Bushido’s death.

Archive image: Bushido and his former friend - Ari - Arafat Abou Chaker.  (Source: dpa/Schulz)Arafat Abou-Chaker (left) and Bushido during the premiere of the film “Times Change You” in February 2010 in Berlin

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