Between the political and the musical: Tribade will arrive in Aztec lands to conquer CDMX, Guadalajara and Puebla

The Spanish come to conquer Mexico with their rhymes (Photo: Instagram/@tribade.dyke)

tribade is a Spanish rap group made up of the MC’s Bittah and Massive Lullathat they have used their rhymes to highlight everything with which they feel dissatisfied: machismo, classism, racism and abuse of authority.

Songs like The good ones Y iron lullaby, of his latest production entitled dike, make their political and social position clearhowever, most of their discography is immersed in a feminist discourse with which they seek to make their listeners reflect and, mainly, to those who decide to attend their presentations in Puebla, Mexico City and Guadalajara on June 17, 18 and 19, respectively.

For Bittah and Massive Lulla writing and rapping about social issues came naturallynot only because of their need to complain to the authorities about the injustices they saw around them, but also because of the sharpness of their feelings in the face of all kinds of problems.

The MC's said they were sensitive to the problems that surround them (Photo: Instagram/@tribade.dyke)
The MC’s said they were sensitive to the problems that surround them (Photo: Instagram/@tribade.dyke)

“It was a very natural process, at the moment when you observe the world a little and you realize what happensif you have a certain sensitivity to write, you also have it to feel other people’s problems as your own”, declared Bittha for Infobae Mexico. “With the feminismIt’s something we live It is one of the struggles that we go throughjust as others cross us, but this is present in our lives”. I add.

Likewise, Massive Lulla praised the role of women in the rap scene in Spainas he assured that the musical proposals that have emerged in recent years, mainly in Barcelona, ​​“it is very serious, very powerfulso the spotlight should be focused on that city.

“Rap in Spain is a genre that is very strong, very present in youth and in our lives, especially It is a music that is becoming very mainstream at all the festivals, most are rap groups. In addition, people who like rap began to do it from a very young age and now there is a panorama of women making very serious music, very powerful and it is being seen, ”she commented.

Tribade will visit Aztec lands next weekend (Photo: Instagram/@tribade.dyke)
Tribade will visit Aztec lands next weekend (Photo: Instagram/@tribade.dyke)

In addition to this, the MC’s they said they were dissatisfied with the criticism that has arisen towards urban genres, such as rap, reggaeton, trap, to name a few; since they considered that the accusations against him stem from a “classist and racist” thought.

“There are many songs, perhaps, of the rock that exert and generate more violence, more romantic love sketchy that many reggaeton songs that simply what they are doing, I am not saying all but the vast majority, they talk about sex in an implicit way “expressed Bittha.

However, he noted that “there is a part of co-responsibility” in the public at the moment in which songs that have been harshly criticized for the implicit themes that they handle in their lyrics go viral.

Ximbo will accompany the Spanish in their CDMX presentation (Photo: Instagram/@tribade.dyke)
Ximbo will accompany the Spanish in their CDMX presentation (Photo: Instagram/@tribade.dyke)

“There is co-responsibility and it is also the music industry that is interested in promoting or selling what is more profitable, and in this case, this type of message is more profitable”, he sentenced.

On the other hand, regarding their next visit to Aztec lands, both rappers agreed that they have “a special bond with Mexico”so they mentioned that their fans can look forward to “a concert in which there will be moments for everything, to dance, to laugh, to cry”.

Tribade will be presented at the Sonar Hall in Puebla, at the Hilvana Cultural Forum in CDMX and at the 907 Forum in Guadalajara, Jalisco. On the first two dates they will be accompanied by the Mexican rapper Ximbowhile in the last one they will have the presence of Masta Quba.


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