Betrayal on vacation? “It happens more and more often, even for those traveling as a couple”

From a survey conducted by, the safest site to look for an adventure in total discretion and anonymity, it seems that Italians and Italians will be particularly busy during the summer holidays, not only with thoughts but also live, even when traveling as a couple.

“This is the phenomenon of the moment. This is «revenge tourism», the tendency to take revenge from the restrictions suffered in these two years of Covid. Especially for those who choose a destination abroad »explains Alex Fantini, founder of

A study conducted by the team of researcher Luo Lu, of the Business Administration department of the National Taiwan University, published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, shows that in a foreign country – immersed in an unknown environment – one feels freer from constraints. moral that keep us tied in everyday life.

“Besides, we know that we have an advantage abroad. The Italian man is still considered a Latin lover, no matter if he is married or not. And even the Italian woman has a great appeal and if she is married she becomes a more coveted prey: she represents a taboo to be violated, with the expectation of establishing a relationship without too many complications “underlines the founder of

From the study conducted by researchers from the University of Taiwan, it also appears that traitors experience a feeling of well-being: everything is beautiful again around them, whatever the real age one feels younger, more attractive and desirable.

«Sun, adrenaline, endorphins and testosterone do the rest» adds Fantini. During the summer holidays – a greater exposure to the sun is added – we all feel more energetic and more inclined to betray: the desire for lightness and fun increases and with it the desire for adventure.

In short, cheating is easier during a summer trip. From the survey conducted on a sample of a thousand women and a thousand men registered on the portal, it appears that 78% of the interviewees have cheated at least once during a trip.

Of these, a fifth of the sample (21%) claimed to have cheated while traveling alone, 44% on vacation with friends and a sizeable 35% said they had a fling while on vacation with their partner.

Why is it betrayed more during the summer holidays in the perception of those directly involved? 69% of the sample argues that a fling on vacation is easier to hide, while 22% believe that the main reason depends on the fact that while traveling there are more opportunities to meet new people.

“The results, however, highlight the photograph of a new tourism in which there is a tendency to privilege” revenge “of the restrictions (revenge tourism) and to opt for destinations outside the national borders” explains the founder of

Among the Italians inclined to betrayal, a small 25% opts for proximity tourism (and Sardinia, Sicily and Puglia are the most popular), while the majority of vacationers (47%) prefer medium-term travel this year. range (with Egypt and the Red Sea recording the highest approval rate together with Spain and Greece) or long range (28%), including even distant destinations such as the Seychelles, with the typical granite rocks overlooking the beaches, turtles giants and mangrove forests, to “escape” better.

“Spain is undoubtedly one of the ideal destinations for escapades, both in the city and on the beaches, always crowded with girls who adore Italians, extroverted and passionate, open to relating with a married man” comments Alex Fantini. Their reputation for being “hot” is surpassed by reality and the same thing is true for men – also fiery – who do not disdain a flirtation with a married Italian.

For those who remain in Italy, however, there are many cities of art that can simulate a “foreign experience” and thus encourage betrayal. Cities such as Rome, Milan, Venice or Florence, but also Naples or Palermo – and many others of our national jewels – which are teeming with tourists from all over the world, many of whom are looking for adventures.

For those who want to conclude faster, just go to the website (or on the App) and in a few clicks you can organize a meeting: the Italians and the Italians, but also many free spirits of other nationalities, are numerous and —Especially in this period— particularly active.