“Beings of light”, a documentary by Buenaventura that addresses African child migration

It is a social design project by Buenaventura Estudio that has received funding from the Granada Provincial Council and the collaboration of the Loja City Council.

Buenaventura presents “Beings of Light”, a documentary and a printed publication that address the migration of children and adolescents who travel alone from Africa to Europe from a human perspective, with names and surnames, giving voice to its protagonists. Through the two pieces and in a complementary way, this documentary tells the stories of Blessing, Mabel and Abde, two girls and a boy who had the courage to leave their land behind and an existence doomed to precariousness and misery, with no prospects for the future, and who alone undertook a dangerous journey towards a better life in Europe.

BEINGS OF LIGHT – 4 K from Buenaventura on Vimeo.

Blessing, Mabel and Abde arrived in Spain in terrible conditions and, with years of effort and studies and with the support of counselors, they have managed to get ahead and have become promising young people eager to continue learning and working. The documentary focuses on the period in which these three young people come into contact with the Spanish institutions in charge of their guardianship and education, and the process of training and adaptation until they currently achieve job and economic stability.

The documentary is complemented by an editorial piece also designed and edited by Buenaventura, a large-format printed publication that goes deep into the stories of Blessing, Mabel and Abde through the detailed narration of their experiences based on their own testimonies. and memories of the trip from their places of origin in Africa to Loja.

A shocking document that places the viewer in front of a reality of extreme harshness, but that nevertheless it is necessary to know in order to understand what these promising teenagers of today lived and suffered during their childhood.

«Beings of light» highlights the need to tell the stories of these boys and girls with closeness and humanity, with rationality and empathy. The importance of giving them presence and voice.

In the documentary, the confessions of these three young people are mixed with the testimonies of their caregivers at the Hogar La Salle San Ramón y San Fernando child protection center in Loja, in addition to the director of the public institute they attended, to form a portrait of solidarity and hope. The documentary also includes the participation of Patricia Bueso, a lawyer and researcher on migration and human rights.

Beings of light

Against the background of the songs of the group from Granada Lori Meyers, we will witness how the three protagonists, with effort, patience and tenacity, have managed to overcome all adversity and become promising young people with a present full of pride for what they have achieved and, above all, everything, with a hopeful future.

Conchi Rosas and the sustainable clothing brand Ecoalf are in charge of styling Blessing, Mabel and Abde, who look radiant photographed by Jordi Terry. Their careful appearance is the symbol of the immense potential they harbor and a sign that things can be done in a more humane, more rational and respectful way.

This project seeks to make visible the true reality of the vast majority of these boys and girls who arrive alone in Europe and aspires to provoke in the viewer, at least, a serious and profound reflection on an excessively distorted and politicized situation, in which they are usually left alone. aside the essential part: boys and girls who risk their lives to achieve a future in peace.

At the same time, it shows without drama or fuss what many refuse to see: the human face of migration. Normal people, girls and boys, who lack the most basic, but who refuse to give up hope. For this reason, between the innocence and recklessness of childhood, and in the face of an overwhelming absence of educational, work and life expectations, they embark on a journey that many —too many— never finish.

Blessing, Mabel and Abde did come and now they tell us about it. Without rancor, with an astonishing naturalness, but without forgetting where they come from, what they have seen and who they are, survivors, heroes and heroines from whom we here in the West have a lot to learn.