Beer protagonist of the Italian holidays

Rome, 4 Aug. It is vacation time for Italians who, after two years of restrictions and with a newfound freedom, rediscover the desire to travel, even more than in the pre-Covid period, and to do so above all in the name of beer and food. Among the travel drivers, interests and passions acquire an important role, so much so that the summer destination is also chosen based on the experiences that can be lived during the stays themselves. Many leave for good food and good drink, choosing to participate in food beverage events. And beer, in these contexts, is the protagonist and confirms itself as an accompaniment drink to food par excellence, capable of enhancing its tastes and flavors.

These are, in summary, the main evidences of the survey conducted by Bva Doxa for the Beer Information Center (Cib) of AssoBirra, the periodic photography on the Italian beer world through the eyes of consumers, of the main players in the beer supply chain and of AssoBirra itself. A fixed appointment that, in this edition, turns the spotlight on the indissoluble bond between Italians, tourism and beer and also involves Roberta Garibaldi, CEO of Enit – National Tourism Agency.

Summer is confirmed as the golden season for beer consumption. According to the Bva Doxa survey for the AssoBirra Cib, on vacation, Italians consume beer on average 4 times a week, in line with the 2021 surveys, with 29% declaring that they drink beer every day. Particularly pleasing is the combination of the “most beloved blonde” with food. Dinner is the time when beer is consumed the most (72%), followed by an aperitif (41%), lunch (36%), after dinner (31%) and, for 1 in 4 interviewees, also the afternoon. Almost all of the interviewees are divided between those who drink beer as often as they wish and those who drink it as an accompaniment to food to enhance the flavor of both.

Italy remains the preferred destination for the summer: 1 out of 2 Italians preferred to book holidays in our country and only 16% chose abroad. So many in Italy, but in always different destinations – 49% to be exact – and in particular the Millennials who always love to discover new places. For 1 in 5 interviewees, on the other hand, summer means “tradition” and is a special moment in which to find the familiar place and friends of all time. But one aspect unites the choices of many and is the desire to eat and drink well while traveling. The data testify to this: one Italian out of 3 prefers a holiday to discover good food combined with good drink (even more than in the summer of 2021, when the percentage amounted to 19%). In fact, 62% of the interviewees, at least once, chose food and wine trips to taste beer and local foods.

“Summer is the season of beer par excellence, not only for consumption, but also for the interest expressed by people in wanting to deepen both the history and the production of this beloved drink, and the combinations during all moments of the day and in particular with food. In this context, beer is the perfect drink because, thanks to its lightness, great variety and unmistakable taste, it can be accompanied by all meals and included in a lifestyle based on well-being. and balance, as well as being an element of conviviality “. This is what Andrea Bagnolini, general manager of AssoBirra declares, commenting on the results of the Bva Doxa research for Assobirra.

The beer sector, like all food and wine in general, is a fundamental driver that can give a concrete impulse to an experiential tourism capable of creating wealth not only for the main and direct protagonists but also for all the related industries. “Italian tourism, at this moment, counts among the best European performances. The debut of the summer, in fact, brings us back to pre-2020 hints. Food and wine is one of the cardinal segments of the international promotion of the Peninsula put in place by Enit with the Ministry of Tourism, since it allows you to experience the territories in a renewed light and through new experiences that lead to connections with the deeper identity of the territorial and social fabric, to respond to an increasingly demanding and customizable tourist demand ” comments Roberta Garibaldi, CEO of Enit.

As for the experience of the local brewing culture, as clearly highlighted by the Italian Food and Wine Tourism Report of 2021, “the purchase of local beers is confirmed as the most attentive (indicated by 65% ​​of travelers); the desire to to be able to taste this drink in combination with local specialties (65% in 2021, + 3% on 2019). – explains Garibaldi – The visit to the breweries is seen as a moment to be experienced at 360 degrees: 65% (+ 6%) would like discover the artisanal production methods, 58% the history and anecdotes related to the company (+ 6% on 2019), 57% live a day as a “master brewer” to try to produce beer (+ 7%), 56% visit the hops and barley fields (7%). But the experience is not limited to the places of production: having a list of beers available in restaurants, similarly to what already happens for wines, is a opportunity appreciated by 59% of Italians (+ 3%); staying in themed hotels by 49% (+ 9%) “.

“Over the years, beer has made its way more and more into the hearts of Italians and in particular of younger generations. – adds the CEO of Assobirrra Bagnolini – The great attention to food and wine tourism and to the discovery of the beer production process and the history of breweries for us it is a central element of work that shows us how to bring even more people to experience and explore all the moments that characterize the beer universe “.