Beauty trends 2022: We’ll take these looks from haute couture

Paris fashion week
3 beauty trends that we learn from haute couture shows

© Kristy Sparow / Getty Images

At the Haute Couture Week in Paris we don’t only find fashion inspiration. The beauty looks also have a lot of trend potential – our beauty editor thinks.

What we see on the catwalks of the fashion capitals becomes a trend – in the next season or the one that follows. But most make-up doesn’t make it into our beauty routine. Even if the looks are not always wearable, we can still be inspired by them and make them wearable for us in everyday life.

Three beauty trends from Paris Fashion Week

1. White Lashline

The Dior haute couture show is the best proof that fashion is not the only thing in the limelight. The models wear a very reserved make-up on the catwalk, which mutates into a wow look with a single detail: white liner on the lower lash line. The graphic eyeliner also runs out to a point – in the inner and outer corners of the eye. In this way, the eye is optically lengthened.

Haute Couture Spring-Summer 2022, Dior Show Backstage

Haute Couture Spring-Summer 2022, Dior Show Backstage

© Olivier Rose for Christian Dior Perfumes / PR

The models also wear white eyeliner on the waterline to open the eyes even more. The brows can be styled bushy. That’s what Peter Philips, Dior’s creative and image director, did for the show. If the look on the lower waterline is too dramatic for you, you can also try the whole thing on the upper one as a classic eyeliner. That looks at least as cool!

2. Dramatic Cat Eyes

In contrast to the bright look of Dior are the dramatic looks of Chanel’s haute couture show. Geometric eyeliner and dramatic eye make-up are clearly the focus here.

Backstage Beauté CHANEL Collection Haute Couture Printemps-Été 2022 Maquillage Chanel.

Backstage Beauté CHANEL Collection Haute Couture Printemps-Été 2022 Maquillage Chanel.

© CHANEL 2022

Even if black eyeshadow doesn’t seem suitable for everyday use at first, we can still remember the shape. The colors are pulled very far outwards, creating a cat-eye effect. In addition, the eye area appears extremely lifted. The black can also be replaced by other dark tones such as gray or brown. If you want it to be less graphic, you can also work with several colors – however, this is used more for blending, since dark colors cannot be blended out so easily.

3. Floating eyeliner

Speaking of liners, the looks at French designer Alexis Mabille’s show were anything but dramatic. Instead, the models on the catwalk wear gold-colored, curved double eyeliner – so-called floating eyeliner. One line runs like a classic liner, the other above the crease. The two eyeliners almost meet at the outer corner of the eye.

Floating eyeliner at Alexis Mabille

Floating eyeliner at Alexis Mabille


The subtle gold makes it easy to implement this trend in everyday life. And: You don’t necessarily need a gold liner for this, eye shadow does the job just as well. You only need a narrow brush to apply the lines. A shimmer topper that doesn’t give off much color can be applied to the moveable lid – and you’ve got the ultimate summer look. Of course, the floating eyeliner can also be made up in any other color.