Beautiful places in CDMX to take photos

Beautiful places in CDMX to take photos
The CDMX offers natural landscapes, combined with the modernity of corporate buildings, among other beautiful settings to take some snapshots. Photo: Cuartoscuro

Mexico City (CDMX) has, without a doubt, a large number of beautiful places in which you can take or take you photos worthy of the Instagram of a popular influencer; That is why at we decided to bring you the count of some corners of the capital of the country where the snapshots will surely come out of 10.

Water Garden Museum

Have you noticed that many tourists and locals in the CDMX they have their traditional Photo in the middle of cacti? Well, we have to tell you that the landscape corresponds to the Water Garden Museum in Chapultepec.

East handsome placewhich reflects the richness of our culture, is the result of a multidisciplinary vision that brought together the architecture of Ricardo Rivas, the engineering of Eduardo Molina Arévalo, and the art of Diego Rivera, author of the mural “El Agua, Origen de la Vida” and the huge sculpture of Tlaloc.

  • The mural was underwater until it was relocated for preservation.

It is based on the theory of the Russian biologist Alexander Oparin, who gives special importance to water in human evolution.

The imposing sculpture that welcomes visitors is the body of the Mexica god Tlaloc, in yellow, green, red and white colors.

Another of the great attractions of this place is the Chamber of Labdoma, by contemporary artist Ariel Guzik, who turns the sound of water into a song that is replicated in space.

  • The entrance to this site is 21.50 pesos.

Located in the western area of ​​the CDMXEast placewhich combines modern buildings with whimsical shapes and natural landscapes, is a great option to immortalize your “I” of the present, and the plus is that you can not only go to take photos. Remember that La Mexicana Park has special spaces for your pets to play, delicious food areas and outdoor sports areas.

  • Find it in downtown Santa Fe, Cuajimalpa City Hall, from 5:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. every day.

If you want to feel in a handsome magical town without having to leave the CDMXyou have to visit the Barrio de San Ángel, which is located in the Álvaro Obregón mayor’s office.

This place, full of cobbled streets and colonial houses covered with bougainvillea, is the perfect setting for an afternoon of photos; In addition to having a wide range of terraces and restaurants where you could spend an afternoon “Agustín”.

If you go around there, don’t forget to visit the Carmen monastery, which worked in the 17th century, and now serves as a museum.

Masayoshi Ohira Park

In the Coyoacán Mayor’s Office, Mexico has a little piece of Japan; It is the Masayoshi Ohira Park, which was built in the heart of the country to demonstrate the bond of friendship between the two nations.

Surround yourself with an Asian landscape to pose and upload incredible photos to your social networks.

Another instagrammable town in Mexico City is located in the center of the Tlalpan mayor’s office, since the kiosk, the nature that surrounds it and the cobbled streets are the perfect setting to “shoot the lens” for a while.

After an arduous photo shoot, you could walk around tasting a delicious ice cream or sit and people watch while having a coffee in the arches.