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Oceans, long desert tracks, rainforests, regions where wine is among the best, ancient cultures: theAustralia it is the horizon of great emotions between natural wonders, contemporary art and ecolux. A land from which to start again.

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Every experience on the island-continent is in contact with a boundless natural heritage.

Those who live there preserve its value, often involving tourists as well. As happens for example to Arkabain South Australia.

Australia on the road: desert and mountains

It is a former cattle farm, now a luxury home within a private 24,000-acre wildlife reserve in the outback of the Flinders Ranges.

Make conservation programs that guests can share with owners for the regrowth of native plants and wildlife, such as yellow-footed rock wallabies.

A de luxe hotel in the wilderness

Among the peaks of the Blue Mountains in New South Wales also the One & Only Wolgan Valley activated a bush regeneration and animal conservation project which is an integral part of the travel experience.

Instead, you immerse yourself in the spectacle of the rainforest of Daintreein the Queenslandstaying at the Silky Oaks Lodge, fresh from restyling. It’s a tropical treetop retreat where you can breathe deeply. Below, the Mossman River flows.

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From the green of the forests to the red of the desert, you reach the Northern Territory to meet the geographical and spiritual epicenter of all of Australia: Uluruthe monolith sacred to the Aborigines in the National Park of Uluru Kata Tjuta. Just outside the park, Longitude 131is the luxury tented camp where you can indulge in a moment of suspension: from every point you can admire Uluru changing colors and shades at different times of the day.

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Adventures on the road

A land of infinite horizons, every road in Australia is adventure.

Among the most spectacular road trips in the world, the Great Ocean Road is a stream of images from instagram (about 8,418 photos per mile in a year) that runs for over two hundred kilometers. The highlight is the view over 12 Apostles, the iconic rock formation of the state of Victoria. We stop at Great Eco Lodge or toAlkina Lodge to sleep between steep cliffs and waves crashing on the rocks.

The encounter with the ocean and its inhabitants becomes reality at Ningaloo Marine Park, an experience like no other in Western Australia. In particular al Sal Salis Lodge a two hour flight from Perth. The tents overlook the waters of the Ningaloo Reef where you can swim with whale sharks, between March and July, sea lions or dolphins, observe migrating whales, witness the mating of sea lions.

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Sea around, sea on your plate: oysters from Saffirebuen retiro inside the Freycinet National Park on the east coast of Tasmania.

Nestled in a eucalyptus forest next to the Great Oyster Bay it has glass walls that look out over the silhouettes of the Hazards Mountains.

From here, they explore the Wineglass Bay and the Bay of Fires and you taste fresh oysters straight from the ocean to Freycinet Marine Farm: memorable. Like any trip to this great island-continent.

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