Ana Bárbara: the 5 sexiest dresses of the sweetest judge of the Academy

At the premiere of the commemorative edition of The Academy 20 yearsthe panel of critics looked elegant and very neat, but the one who undoubtedly won the gala night was the one now known as the “sweetest judge”, of course it is none other than the Mexican regional music singer, Ana Barbara.

The potosina wore a black leather dress, with a neckline on the chest, gloves and almost perfect makeup for her debut as a judge on the critics panel of The academy With Arturo Lopez Gavito, Horacio Villalobos and Lolita Cortes.

The green color looks excellent on the singer (Photo: @anabarbaramusic)

Ana Barbara It stood out for its strong criticism but full of hope for all the contestants, who did not feel terror when it came to passing with it, something very different from when they had to endure the phrases and acid criticism of the other three judges.

That is why the potosina singer was already baptized in social networks as “the sweetest judge“for the way he addressed the guys and gave them encouragement even though some performances bordered on the lowest we’ve seen from the show in 20 years.

The red color is perfect for Ana Bárbara (Photo: @anabarbaramusic)

And it is no coincidence that Ana Barbara takes over the stage, her stylized figure, elegance, charisma and above all that tenderness that characterizes her when talking to her fans or in this case with the students is worthy of applause.

During the first gala of the commemorative edition of the reality show, Ana Bárbara was highly applauded by the public and was also taken into account by her colleagues both in the critics panel as among the teachers of the Academy, including the director alexander ach and also had the recognition of the host of the program, the singer born and created in reality, Jahir.

The panel of judges in this new edition of La Academia (Photo:@anabarbaramusic)

Between Rubí and Roberto leaves

Among the surprises of the first gala, the incorporation of the young Rubí from Potosí stood out, who was tested to see if the public supported her with their calls and if she fulfilled the objective, we were also able to have back figures of yesteryear as some of the winners of most editions of La Academia, such as Erasmus Catarino, Samuel Castelli, Daluand the godmother of the generation Miriam Montemayor, who was in charge of receiving the boys in the house.

Sunday night offered us the opportunity to enjoy the voice of some of the participants who caught our attention, such as the Ecuadorian Zunio who sang the song “Tacones Rojos” by Sebastian Yatra or the young woman who came back to get a spot on the reality show again, Fernandawho had to reject the opportunity to participate in the last edition prior to this 2022 for personal reasons.

The singer looks spectacular and very pretty (Photo: @anabarbaramusic)

While on the other side of the coin, the young man from Playa del Carmen, Robert Poot, didn’t look like it should with a song from the master Fito Paez (Dachshund butterfly) and became the first eliminated from the competition. Before leaving, the young man took the microphone to thank the opportunity and ask Ana Barbara that he will dedicate a fraternal greeting to his uncle, something to which the interpreter of “the cursed trap“.

The color red and Ana Bárbara make a good dumbbell (Photo: @anabarbaramusic)


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