Amanda Miguel worries fans, misses Diego Verdaguer so much that he seems depressed

Amanda Miguel worries fans, misses Diego Verdaguer so much that he seems depressed. Almost five months after the death of her life partner, her adventures and music, the interpreter of “My good heart” shared a moving video via Instagram to remember him, expressing that “in life there are loves that can never be forgotten.

Amanda Miguel, 66 years old, and Diego Verdaguer, who was 70 years old, they were together 47 years, time in which together they built a family and career. The successes of the couple from Argentina reached practically every corner of the world, since through their songs they shared their talent, but also their love.

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And that was one of the keys of the duo because their interpretations were always full of feeling; definitely, they were accomplices singing from “Let’s make a deal” to “Simply love”. Although Amanda Miguel is still active in her career, the unexpected departure of her confidant left a void in her life.

To pay tribute, published a video illustrated with photos in which both appear, sharing what their love story was like. So that the clip was even more emotional, in the background you can hear “Unforgettable”which was written by the Cuban pianist Julio Gutiérrez and whose best known version is the one performed by Luis Miguel.

However, the song has also been performed by Amanda Miguel and she clearly chose this version for remember Diego Verdaguer. In the caption, the composer wrote the following: “In life there are loves that can never be forgotten. My heart will always keep you, Diego Verdaguer”.

He also wrote that “Unforgettable” is a song that he loves because the letter is wonderfulbut above all it is a tribute to Mexico, “a country that has welcomed me with open arms since the beginning of my career.”

“In life there are loves that can never be forgotten. My heart will always keep you, Diego Verdaguer”

As she opened her heart, her followers dedicated words of love and encouragement to encourage her and help her cushion your sadness. “All my love for Amanda and Diego, the only example of love, I love you, a big hug, beautiful Amanda, God bless you”, “they always remain, blessings forever” and “Mrs. Amanda Miguel, true loves never die, they always live in our hearts. And a love as great and wonderful as yours, much more. A big hug” are some of the comments that are read.

Other people commented that the song honors the love story between the singers, since “It fits like a glove, it’s your love story”, while other people wrote that “love cannot be forgotten between two people who gave everything. Thank you for sharing photos with him and bringing them to the present, we hug you with all our love” and “so many memories of love, laughter, joy and peace. Only the heart can lock them all inside it.

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With this publication, Amanda Miguel demonstrates that never forget Diego Verdaguer. In fact, every time he can, he shares in which they both appear and dedicates words of love to him; For example, last week the singer had her birthday and expressed that it would be a different celebration because she misses her life partner with her soul, although she still expressed that she thanks life for letting her enjoy with those she loves .

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