Álvaro Morte stars in the first NFS, a 3D animated film in the metaverse, in history

The actor Álvaro Morte and director Koldo Serra, accompanied by Carlos Grenoir, CEO of Olyseum, today presented Olyverse, Olyseum’s entertainment production project, in Madrid. It’s about the first NFS (Non-Fungible Story), 3D animated movies in the metaversebased on a collection of NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens), unique and authenticated digital assets that give buyers access to avatars inspired by the protagonists and that allow you to obtain various benefits, such as participating in the creation of history, sending auditions to the stars, receiving courses and attending exclusive events. The first NFS is directed by filmmaker Koldo Serra and stars Morte.

The actor who gives life to The Professor in ‘Dad’s House’the’ (Netflix) already Elcano in ‘Without limits (Amazon Prime Video) commented on the presentation, which was given by Cayetana Guillén Cuervo: “We have introduced a new form of artistic expression, telling collective stories with the audience and thus promoting social interest in culture. We do it through NFTs, creating, in a decentralized way, iconic collections of world stars that will appear throughout history & rdquor ;.

The story of a ‘hacker’

This first NFS in history is titled ‘The art leader.’ In her, a ‘hacker’ (played by Morte, in the role of Olyver) unexpectedly assumes the mission of saver universal works of art that a malicious ‘hacker’ has threatened to steal in order to feed on them and destroy them. To do this, Olyver devises a plan and recruits, episode after episode, different recognized personalities from different disciplines and with different abilities.

Koldo Serra, co-director of the popular Netflix series, is the director and screenwriter who is in charge of shaping the stories: “As a filmmaker, coming up with creative ways to tell stories to the world is an exciting challenge to face. Never before have I seen such an open and collaborative way of creating art.”

The presentation, which has been held at a location in Madrid, has had great 360º screens, showing on ceilings and walls a combination of art designs, NFTs and 3D animations, accompanied by musical themes perfectly integrated into the work. Morte, who has given a surprising welcome to the attendees entering to the metaverseyour new and futuristic web3 platformas well as an Olyverse teaser video starring the actor.

a collaborative project

The project was born from the hand of Carlos Grenoir, engineer specialized in neurosciencewho explains the reason for all this: “The current digital landscape brings with it a centralized heritage, where platforms and institutions monopolize the creation and business processes, relegating their users to their periphery and turning them into mere contributors under their control”. But this changes.” With the new web3, decentralization and empowerment of their contributions is positioned in themselves, giving them the rights to their assets and allowing them a global access to platforms that will be interoperableit is. This allows us to create a more collaborative ecosystem and open new avenues for collective creation. Today we go one step further and venture into the world of art and film with Olyverse, a co-creation ecosystem,” he said.

And the company’s plans are, according to Grenoir: to release the new episodes of the NFS, together with the NFT collections of the different ‘stars’ (stars); launch their own virtual metaverse, for which they are preparing exclusive experiences with the stars, where fan participation will be encouraged, and create different ‘play-to-earn’ games in their metaverse, thus expanding the overall usefulness of their utility token ‘OLY’, for which they have short-term plans to expand the ‘exchanges’ (exchanges) in which it can be acquired.

Donations to social causes

Behind this there is a social character and a commitment to art, culture and social welfare. With which the company and the stars will give a percentage of their income to different organizations chosen by the star of each episode to contribute to social causes. They open the first collection of Álvaro Morte, with a cause that he himself has selected, donating part of the profits to fight childhood cancer, through the CRIS foundation, a private and independent entity whose objective is to promote and finance research projects for the treatment and cancer cure. The NFTs from Álvaro Morte’s first collection will be able to be purchased with both Olyvers’ own tokene (oly), as with the tEthereum tokens (ETH) and through Credit or debit card on your platform olyverse.com.

Carles Puyol and Kerem Bursin

The former soccer player Carles Puyol, Vice President of the company, has also explained through a video how the project began: “When my great friend Iván de la Peña told me about Carlos Grenoir’s idea, I did not hesitate for a moment to be part of Olyseum. Since then, it has become one of my most personal projects”. It has also been revealed that Turkish actor Kerem Bursin (known for his role in the series ‘Love is in the air’) has been added to the cast of the Olyvers series: “For me it is a pleasure to join this project that, without a doubt, is the future in our field, with this great team of references from cinema and other sectors, who also want to build a community and prioritize culture. It is a wonderful challenge that has immediately aroused my interest and my desire to get to work with the whole team.”

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The presentation ceremony was also attended by personalities such as Evelio Acevedo, director of the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum; Beatriz Ordovás, representative of the popular auction house Christie’s; María Bernat, representing the iconic Casa Batlló in Barcelona; and Andrés Reisinger, one of the most valued NFT artists of the moment on the world scene.