Alexandra Grant, Keanu Reeves and the “need” to have an opinion on other people’s relationships

Alexandra Grant is an American artist. Their work explores language through paintings, sculptures, video and other audiovisual media. Grant analyzes the processes of writing through the ideas of linguistic theories, linking them with the visual arts.

Grant has exhibited his work, mainly installations, in different contemporary art museums.

In 2009, Grant met the actor Keanu Reeves. From this meeting the book was born. Ode to Happiness, Keanu Reeves’ first book as a writer. Later in 2016, they collaborated for the second time. From this collaboration came shadows, a photography book. The photographs from the book were exhibited at the ACME Gallery in Los Angeles.

Alexandra Grant is one of the most relevant contemporary American artists of the last 15 years.

Despite his great track record, Grant’s name came to the fore because he is the current partner of Keanu Reeves. Although they have been a couple since 2011, it was not until 2019 that they made their relationship “official” on a red carpet. Official in whose eyes? One would have to ask if because they are public figures, then their most intimate relationships also have to be.

Today Grant and Reeves are once again the subject of conversation, as they made another public appearance on the red carpet of the MOCA Gala, which took place at the Geffen Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles.

Currently there is a phenomenon in which the aspects that could seem more intimate in a person’s life find space to be seen by others through publications on social networks, or if they are people from the artistic medium and the “show business”. ”, through photos, interviews, etc. This overexposure of the fragments of a person’s life, are also subject to the harshest criticism and opinions.

It seems surprising how many looks this couple receives, and from the looks the thousands of comments made about their relationship. But the truth is that no one knows anything about their relationship more than Grant and Reeves, and the truth is that no one else should know the details. The relationship between Grant and Reeves, or at least that fragment that is accessible to the eye, has been the subject of all kinds of opinions. From the disappointment of Reeves fans (he is considered the boyfriend of the internet), to the “validation” of their relationship. Broadly speaking, there is a kind of awe for Alexandra Grant and what she could represent. She is a woman, like Reeves, who values ​​the privacy of her life and her love relationship. In addition, she is a woman who, unlike the majority of Hollywood actresses, carries her “natural” beauty, without exaggerated makeup or cosmetic surgeries. The latter is especially relevant at a time when beauty is defined from youth.

Another of the opinions with more weight is the one that revolves around the election of Reeves. In social networks you can find comments that range from questioning why a man like Reeves would choose an “old” woman, to those who “validate” his decision and even celebrate it.

Both comments, apparently contrary, are so extreme that they come to meet at the same point: regardless of the contrary opinions, the lives of others continue to be material for public scrutiny. Continuing with the example of Grant and Reeves, their relationship should not have anything special. How many people do we not know who have decided to have a partner? Deciding to be in a relationship is not an extraordinary situation.

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