Alessia Rovegno’s grandmother defends the model from her detractors: “It is a work of flesh and blood”

Alessia Rovegno’s grandmother defends her from detractors. (Photo: Composition)

Ana Cecilia Sanguinetti He spoke through his account Facebook to defend his granddaughter alessia rovegno of the criticism he has been receiving after running for the crown of the Miss Peru 2022. As you remember, the young woman was harshly judged through social networks after her recent interviews before cameras.

Given this, Bárbara Cayo’s mother did not hesitate to address a few words to her granddaughter and highlight the beauty of Hugo García’s partner.

“I say it with pride and no humility, my beautiful granddaughter ALESSIA RC is a work of art made of flesh and blood, because she is human even though she doesn’t look like it, because she is almost an angel, and she is also just like her “noni”. age! (meaning me) Hahahaha!”, Sanguinetti wrote on his social network.

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“And as you will see, modesty is not one of my virtues”limited the matriarch of the Cayo.

Alessia Rovegno's grandmother highlights the model's beauty.  (Photo: Facebook)
Alessia Rovegno’s grandmother highlights the model’s beauty. (Photo: Facebook)

Although it is true, she stands out for her beauty, the young woman has been singled out for lacking more preparation when it comes to oratory. Magaly Medina has also been another of her great detractors, indicating that Alessia would be one of the favorites of the contest, but not precisely because she deserves it.

“Everything indicates that there is a favorite and not necessarily of the public, it is as if there were only one candidate, Alessia Rovegno, there is no one else, who else have we met on television programs? Who else have they done reports on? Only to Alessia Rovengo, that is a clear favoritism of an organization that says it is impartial.”, pointed out in his program.

After being approached by the press, Alessia Rovegno indicated that the criticism does not surprise her, much less does it affect her emotionally, since she is focused on continuing to prepare for the reign.

“There will always be criticism, everyone has their opinion and you have to respect that. That’s fine with that, as long as it doesn’t affect you emotionally, or affect the decisions you make in your life. I think that only one has to be focused on what he has to do and work hard on what he really wants, “ he told America Shows.

The young woman was encouraged to advise her followers that if they are not prepared for criticism, it is not recommended that they be exposed in the television media. With these words, Alessia wanted to make it clear that she knew what she was facing from the beginning.

“I recommend that people who are more sensitive to taking comments from other people, better not be in the middle or be exposed. I simply respect the opinions, be they negative or positive”he indicated.

As recalled, Rovegno became media after confirming her relationship with Hugo García, a member of Esto es Guerra. The model at all times has shown his support for the candidate for Miss Peru.

“I know that there will always be criticism for anything, there are people who will like it and people who will not like it. She knows that she will always have my support and obviously nobody is perfectthere will always be nerves”said the reality boy for the cameras of America Shows.

Hugo García celebrated the triumph of the new song by Alessia Rovegno. (VIDEO: America Spectacle)


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