Albania low cost, sea and beaches for holidays 2022

A little surprising, it could be theAlbania the destination of your next summer holidays. Beaches dream, sea crystalline e prices bass: what more could you ask for?

The state of Tirana, recently rediscovered by the Italians thanks to the Conference League final won by Rome, has a lot to offer even if it is less known than the more popular destinations such as the islands of Spain or Greece.

Our conductor Nicola Vitiello, for example, was on vacation in Saranda, a seaside town in the south of the country (where it already knows it will return) that stands on a bay in the shape of a horse. Listen to his testimony a Deejay Call Italy.

Nicola Vitiello talks about his vacation in Albania

Saranda, the low cost Calabria of Albania

Self Tirana was the Albanian Milan, Saranda it would be a kind of Calabria of the place. Indeed, a kind of super Calabria: according to the deejay on vacation, in fact, there you can find many new surprising places.

Ksamilnear Saranda, it’s a wonderful place. Google it. Here, if you go to the coast, you no longer know if you are in Thailand, the Caribbean, or the Maldives ”- Nicola Vitiello

Vitiello arrived in Albania from Greece, starting from Corfu with a hydrofoil (it is just under 30 km, it takes about half an hour). His typical day in Albania is: being by the sea. Where the sea bream swim too, because the water is truly spectacular.

And while in Italy the prices forsummer 2022 are on the rise – as is happening in Salento for example -, in Albania life costs a lot less. Even in the middle of the season, when tourism comes to life.

Nicola Vitiello a Saranda (photo below) paid 10 € for an umbrella and two sunbeds, but not everywhere you have to pay. But the food is good everywhere, thanks to the strong Greek influence in the culinary culture.

The exchange with the local currency is advantageous: 1,000 Albanian lek are equal to our € 8. And with 100 lek (0.80 €) you can buy a lemon soda, to give an idea.

Not surprisingly, on the spot Vitiello met Italian guys who toured the wholeAlbania with great enthusiasm: the Albanians are a “friendly people” of the Italians, towards whom they nourish great love and gratitude. “If you talk to them in English, they’ll answer you in Italian,” he says Saranda the conductor of Dee Night to Linus and Nicola Savino.

Places to visit in Saranda, Albania

Very famous in Albania and the Jale beach, among the most beautiful beaches in the country, a small gem hidden among hills and olive trees with a deep blue sea. There is no shortage of wooden kiosks, fish restaurants, bars and cocktail pubs with music. Price? For 1,000 lek some campsites offer breakfast and dinner as well as a tent.

If you want more suggestive landscapes, you have to go to the Blue Eye, “The blue eye”, the lake that takes its name from its intense and bright central color. A destination full of beauty and mystery, super popular for Albanians (even for diving), it is actually unknown to tourists: it is located in Mullinaa town about 20 km from Saranda. Peculiarity: nobody knows how deep the lake is (under water it reached a maximum of 50 km). Cost of the ticket to access the area: 250 lek (2 €).

The photo on the cover, on the other hand, shows a beach in Ksamil, the destination recommended and reached by Nicola Vitiello. The name means “six miles”, because it is located six miles from Greece, where you can find this archipelago of small islands surrounded by the crystalline water of the Ionian Sea: it looks like heaven on earth.

And if you are tired of the beach, you can also visit the Ksamil butrint national park, where there are remains of ancient cities dating back to different eras. Here too there is a suggestive natural complex next to the great architectural apparatus. And just think that the discovery of the area was in Italian: Luigi Maria Ugolini, in 1928.

Bargain prices, dream beaches, cobalt blue sea and fantastic places are the elements that distinguish the beautiful Albaniawhich in the last few years is seeing its tourism skyrocket.

The large hotel and restaurant chains have not yet arrived in the area: in Albania it is still almost all family owned, which makes the prices even lower. So if you want a suggestive one low cost holiday abroad, now you know which direction to go. Guarantees the deejay Nicola Vitiello.