Against Abou-Chaker’s will: Bushido’s swanky villa comes under the hammer

Against Abou-Chaker’s will
Bushido’s swanky villa goes under the hammer

16,674 square meters of space, two villas, outbuildings, underground garages and a piece of mixed forest – this is how Bushido’s property in Kleinmachnow near Berlin can be described. The problem: it does not belong to him alone, but he shares it with Arafat Abou-Chaker. However, it is now up for auction.

Bushido and Arafat Abou-Chaker once seemed to be best buddies. But as the title of the film says about the life of the rapper: times change you. And so the singer and the clan boss are now so hostile that they have practically only met in court for almost two years.

The area in Kleinmachnow is foreclosed on.

(Photo: picture alliance / Eibner press photo)

Stupid if there are still common material appendages from the past. Especially stupid when they are worth millions. Like the villa site in the Berlin suburb of Kleinmachnow, which the two bought together around ten years ago. According to the land register, they each own half of the property. But the original plan to live here together has of course long been a thing of the past since the two fell out.

The area would have enough potential to be able to cope with several families here. On an area of ​​16,674 square meters you should be able to avoid each other. Two separate villas with 634 and 560 square meters of living space offer enough space for everyone. There is also a new building, various outbuildings, two underground car parks and a piece of mixed forest.

Does Abou-Chaker offer?

But nothing helps: Bushido, who has been under police protection since his separation from Abou-Chaker, does not want to move in here. On the contrary: The rapper is said to be planning to disappear even further from the orbit of his former buddy after the end of the process and to emigrate to Dubai.

Therefore, the property in Kleinmachnow is now under the hammer, as reported by the magazine “Stern”. Bushido pushed through the foreclosure in court – and it should be considered certain that Abou-Chaker is not exactly happy about it. After all, he actually lives in one of the two villas. His brother also found accommodation in the new building constructed in 2015.

It is therefore quite conceivable that Abou-Chaker will appear as a bidder on Wednesday morning, speculates the “star”. But it is also possible that Bushido or a confidant will bid on behalf of the rapper. In this way, the proceeds could ultimately be driven up.

The buyer also acquires trouble

According to information from the magazine, the market value of the property was estimated by an expert at a total of 14.8 million euros. If you want to bid at all, you have to advance around 1.4 million euros as security.

But be careful: The potential buyer not only acquires a magnificent area, but presumably also some trouble. Even during the renovation of the listed ensemble, the previous owners repeatedly had trouble with the authorities, so that some changes had to be reversed. In the meantime, according to “Stern”, it is also known that “underground structures” have been erected without permission. For example, there is talk of 30 meter long tunnels and the shell of a 400 square meter room underground. A gigantic wellness area should probably be created here. Two swimming pools were also discovered – “formally illegally constructed,” it says.

In other words: Here, too, a dismantling is pending. Estimated cost: 2.6 million euros. And that’s not all. Since Bushido did not want to move into his domicile, a number of lines burst in the uninhabited and therefore unheated villa last winter, writes the “Stern”. Millions of liters of water would have poured through the entire building and left a gigantic damage. Here, too, the buyer will probably have to dig deep into their pockets again.

It should be exciting to see who will actually show up at the foreclosure auction on Wednesday morning in the Potsdam District Court. The “Stern” is at least certain of one thing: Officials from the State Criminal Police Office will also be part of the party. Not just to protect Bushido if he really turns up. But also to collect information for ongoing tax proceedings against Abou-Chaker.