ADSI, on May 22nd, appointment with the historic residences of Lazio

On the occasion of the XII national day of the Association of Italian Historic Houses it will be possible to visit exclusive places such as: castles, fortresses, villas, parks and gardens of Lazio that can be visited for free, to learn about a heritage that will be the pivot of the country’s sustainable development.

Castle Tower in stone

(AGR) The largest widespread museum in Italy reopens its doors. In fact, next Sunday 22 May, the National Day of the Italian Historic Houses Association returns, this year in its twelfth edition. Numerous exclusive places such as castles, fortresses, villas, parks and gardens of Lazio can be visited for free, to immerse yourself in a heritage that must be the pivot of the country’s long-term sustainable development.

The initiative, in collaboration with the National Association of Memory Houses and Federmatrimoni e Eventi Privati ​​(Federmep), received the patronage of the Italian National Commission for Unesco, the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Tourism and ENIT – Agenzia National Tourist Board. From this year the TGR will be the Media Partner of the event. That of historic buildings is a unique network, with an immense social, cultural and economic value that the owners undertake every day to preserve and enhance. The historic houses, in fact, constitute not only a tourist heritage of rare beauty but also the pivot of a circular economy for the villages on which they are located. In fact, 54% of these properties are located in small municipalities with a population of less than 20,000 inhabitants and, in 29% of cases, even under 5,000 residents.

The National ADSI Day is therefore also an opportunity to raise awareness among civil society and institutions on the role that historic homes play in the socio-economic fabric of the country. In fact, their induction generates a positive impact on many supply chains. Then there are many professionals who gravitate around a dwelling, trades of ancient knowledge – artisans, restorers, glass masters – increasingly difficult to find. A heritage – that of residences – handed down to us through the centuries also thanks to restoration and maintenance works, the costs of which are borne solely by the owners but from which the quality of the centers in which these assets exist derives.

Among the Lazio residences that open to the public, Villa Mergè “Palazzetto” should be noted in particular, which will also open to visitors the historic olive grove, Fondazione Memmo, where it will be possible to visit not only the stables of Palazzo Ruspoli, headquarters of the Memmo Foundation, and the courtyard in front, but also the exhibition Quasi, by the Argentine artist Amalia Pica. The Tenuta di Pietra Porzia, on the other hand, opens to visitors the vineyards, the cellar with an explanation of the winemaking process, the cave dug into the tuff 2000 years ago, the terminal cistern of the Claudian aqueduct with the column drums of the archaic temple and objects linked to the world of wine. Castello Ruspoli instead will give its visitors the opportunity to visit the famous Garden, which is considered one of the most beautiful parterres existing in Italy.

Numerous initiatives promoted by the owners for the National Day: from exhibitions to concerts and theatrical performances, to intercept the needs of the public of all ages. This year the photo contest in collaboration with Photolux aimed at Instagram users is also back: more information will be detailed in subsequent communications.It is advisable to stay up to date on the evolution of the coronavirus measures and it is noted that, to go to the chosen residence, it is necessary to book at the link:

Below is the list of openings planned at the moment:

Province of FROSINONE

● Badia San Sebastiano

● Teofilatto Castle

● Church of the Holy Cross, Atina

Province of LATINA

● Torrione San Giovanni and Torrione San Lorenzo, Terracina

RIETI province

● Castello Pinci, Castel San Pietro Sabino – Poggio Mirteto

● Palazzo Martini, Fara in Sabina

Province of Rome

● Palazzo Ruspoli, Cerveteri

● Convent Pio Sodalizio dei Piceni – Open Courtyards

● Palazzo Avila – Open Courtyards

● Palazzo Berardi Guglielmi – Open Courtyards

● Palazzo Capizucchi – Open Courtyards

● Palazzo D’Aste – Open Courtyards

● Gomez Silj Palace – Open Courtyards

● Palazzo Grazioli – Open Courtyards

● Palazzo Mancini – Open Courtyards

● Palazzo Massimo Lancellotti dè Torres – Open Courtyards

● Odescalchi Castle of Bracciano, Bracciano

● Trebula Suffenas – Villa Manni, Ciciliano

● Estate of Pietra Porzia, Frascati

● Villa Mergè “Palazzetto”, Frascati

● Memmo Foundation, Rome

● Palazzo Montoro, Rome

● Palazzo Serlupi Crescenzi, Rome

● Palazzo Sterbini, Rome

● Castle of Torre in Pietra, Torrimpietra

Province of VITERBO

● Bonaventura Tecchi Library, Bagnoregio

● Palazzo del Drago, Bolsena

● Castle of Gallese, Gallese

● Proceno Castle, Proceno

● Villa Lina, Ronciglione

● Casina degli Specchi, Soriano nel Cimino

● Ruspoli Castle, Vignanello

Villa Rossi Danielli, Viterbo

Photo gallery

Stone Tower Castle
castle tower in stone interior

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