Accessible tourism. The “Without Barriers in the Valley of Orchids” project illustrated in the Campania Region

Saturday 14 May in “Valley of the Orchids“Of the municipality of Sassano will be shown for the first time mountain paths and trails accessible to those who have motor difficulties.

The event dedicated to accessible tourism “Without Barriers in the Valley of Orchids”, sponsored by the Regional Council of Campania and the Municipality of Sassano and organized by the Cilento, Vallo di Diano and Alburni National Park with the collaboration of the Nemo Clinical Center of Naples, of the UILDM (Italian Union for the Fight against Muscular Dystrophy) and the Ecomuseum of Ancient Cultures of Sassano, was illustrated this morning at the Nassiryia Room of the Campania Regional Council in the presence of the President of the Campania Regional Council, Gennaro Olivierothe regional councilor for tourism, Felice Casucciof the regional councilor and president of the Cilento, Vallo di Diano and Alburni National Park, Tommaso Pellegrinotogether with the mayor of Sassano, Domenico Rubinoto the Director of the Nemo Clinical Center, Salvatore Dongiovannito the administrative director of the Nemo Clinical Center, Francesco Lettierito the President of the UILDM of Naples, Salvatore Leonardo and to the Guarantor of the rights of people with disabilities of the Campania RegionPaolo Colombo.

“With this initiative we want to give a strong signal to those who believe that our prestigious places in the Park area are generally inaccessible for those with mobility problems or disabilities – stated the President of the Cilento Park, Vallo di Diano and Alburni Tommaso Pellegrino – In Sassano we count over 230 varieties of wild orchids which are observed by scholars from all over the world and we have identified a path dedicated to this extraordinary naturalistic heritage without barriers for those who want to live a strong emotional experience. A project that will become stable within our tourist offer because we are convinced that we need to invest more and more in accessible tourism, involving associations such as Uildm and the world of volunteering, as well as local administrations, demonstrating that synergies are important to concretely break down all forms of barriers “.

The support of the Campania Region for this initiative was expressed by the Councilor for Tourism Felice Casucci: “Our regional policy focuses heavily on internal areas and on green themes and accessible tourism. Thanks to this initiative, which perfectly combines the programmatic lines, the possibility to reach a special place. A beautiful message that starts from Sassano with great significance for tourism, health and well-being“.

President Gennaro Oliviero reaffirmed the support of the Regional Council: “Eliminating all architectural barriers is a challenge of civilization that we support with every possible means to give concrete answers to the Campania region. We will continue along this path by enhancing best practices such as the one presented today which, I hope, will be followed by other similar initiatives “.

The making of a accessible tourism in inland areas it is one great insight to give all citizens the opportunity to seize these opportunities – comments the mayor of Sassano Domenico Rubino – We will ensure that all people with mobility problems have the opportunity to take advantage of specialized guides that will illustrate our beauties“.

Satisfaction was also expressed by the regional Guarantor for the rights of the disabled Paolo Colombo: “Accessible planning e inclusive like the one presented today is a fundamental theme of equality and equal opportunities. Disability is not a world apart but a part of the world“.

We are delighted to be able to offer our children this wonderful experience after two years of closures related to Covid – declares Salvatore Leonardo, president of Uildm Napoli – Now we expect the same sensitivity from those who carry out public works and renovations of commercial premises“. The importance of being able to socialize outdoors for those with mobility problems was also reiterated by Salvatore Dongiovanni And Francesco Lettieri respectively Medical Director and Administrative Director of the NEMO Clinical Center: “We have gladly accepted the appeal to do our part on the issue of accessibility, which is also dear to us who provide for the care and patient therapy that must resume outdoor activities. It is part of the therapeutic path e psychological which favors its rehabilitation.