A14 and tourism, Cna Picena: “Construction sites stop for the summer period”

SAN BENEDETTO DEL TRONTO – With the summer just around the corner, the Piceno tourist car starts to warm up its engines in view of the hottest weeks of the year.

With this in mind, if the completion of the third lane of the A14 motorway cannot fail to represent one of the priorities of a territory that boasts a long artisan and commercial tradition, which continues to record encouraging numbers also in terms of exports despite the difficulties of the moment and which at the same time is historically linked to tourism and related opportunities to the enhancement of the natural, architectural and historical-artistic beauties scattered along the coast, in the inland villages and in the mountain area, the tourist influx that is usually recorded in the summer season risks putting a strain on the regular flow of traffic in a motorway section, that of the south of the Marches, which with its long-standing problems punctually ends up penalizing the inhabited centers and the activities of the Piceno area.

It is for this reason that, in the wake of what was staged last year with an inevitable stop in the highlight of the holidays, the Cna Picena asks for the suspension of the various road construction sites active on the Piceno stretch of the A14 during the summerin order to guarantee smooth traffic during peak weeks and protect the safety of the thousands of motorists who will get behind the wheel to reach the Piceno and the main Italian holiday resorts and the operators involved in the construction sites.

“Blocking construction sites in good time is an indispensable measure to avoid inconvenience to both those who travel and those who work on our roads – he says Barbara Pietrolungo, president of Cna Fita Ascoli Piceno -. It is necessary to pay the utmost attention to a section of the motorway that needs to be completely rethought, but whose restyling will have to be carried out with different timescales compared to the summer period “.

“The combination of cars, heavy vehicles and construction sites can give rise to queues and dangers in the summer period that as an association we have the duty to raise awareness and try to prevent in every way – he argues Roberto Grazioli, president of Cna Fita Marche -. The establishment of a third lane from Porto Sant’Elpidio in the south of the Marches represents an objective to be pursued with determination for our region, which however remains subordinated to safeguarding the health of motorists and workers “.

The so-called “returning tourists “the Italians residing abroad and second, third and fourth generation compatriots that with the advent of summer will return to our country. It is to them that the Southern Destination Network, in collaboration with the Marche Region, the Marche Chamber of Commerce and also the Cna, intends to dedicate “Discovering the origins”, An initiative promoted with the aim of enhancing“ made in Marche ”products, giving life to a sort of international Expo of Italianness, with a prominent role entrusted to tourists who will return to our territory in the coming weeks.

“The south of the Marche must not be forgotten – he declares Francesco Balloni, director of the Cna of Ascoli -. Unfortunately, even today the infrastructures constitute an authentic Achilles heel for the whole Piceno area, inevitably penalized by the kilometric queues and by the dangers that currently characterize our motorway section. A common vision is needed to protect the local business fabric and relaunch the competitiveness and attractiveness of our province. In this sense, the third lane is certainly a solution that we as an association advocate and hope for, but in view of the summer it is necessary to block the construction sites and thus ensure a safer and smoother circulation for the many tourists who come to visit us “.

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