8 Things “Post Malone” had to do to stop being an “unknown”

Post Malone is one of the most successful musicians of his genre, not only in the United States, but in the entire world.

Post Malone has become a reference and an influence for an entire generation. However, not many know the beginnings of this singer, and how he became so famous.


1. Post Malone went from being an expert on Guitar Hero to being a terrible musician on the guitar.

Post Malone confessed that his musical beginnings were thanks to the video game “Guitar Hero”.

“He was an expert on Guitar Hero. He had a perfect score on every level, so I said, ‘Why not learn to play the real guitar?’ When I decided to do it, I realized that he sucked.”


2. Post Malone tried to join a band called “Crown The Empire,” but his audition failed badly.

Post Malone eventually learned to play the guitar, and decided to try his luck auditioning in a hardcore band called “Crown The Empire.”

According to band members, Post Malone started playing and a string came loose.

“He was so embarrassed, we decided not to hire him,” said Andrew Rockhold, a member of the band.

3. Post Malone created his stage name thanks to an “Online Rap Name Generator”

His failure with the rock band did not discourage him, and he decided to try his luck as a solo artist.

However, he knew that his name ‘Austin Richard Post’ was not commercial at all, so he used an “Online Rap Name Generator”, to get “Post Malone”.

4. Post Malone moved in with a Minecraft YouTuber to share the rent.

Post Malone decided to move to Los Angeles to pursue his dream, and he did it with a Minecraft Youtuber named “Team Crafted”.

At that time, Post Malone appeared in Minecraft videos, playing a cover on his guitar, to set his friends’ gameplay to music.

5. His Minecraft friends became millionaires, while he remained poor.

In a recent interview, Post Malone said that his friend “who played video games” once invited him to Las Vegas.

“When we arrived at the airport, I found out that the flight was on a private jet. It was amazing”.


6. Post Malone recorded an embarrassing video that makes him very proud

Post Malone recorded an internet parody, under the name “Leon DeChino”.

This video was about a high school project, which resurfaced after becoming known.

“Everyone finds it funny, but I feel quite proud,” said the musician.

7. The song that made him “Lend” a Rolls Royce

In 2015, Post Malone uploaded the song “White Iverson” to SoundCloud and in a matter of weeks, it became one of the most listened to on the platform.

Post Malone knew he had to act fast, so he decided to borrow a fancy Rolls Royce car and shoot a music video in the desert.

The music video was a boom and began to become known.


8. Post Malone was hired to sing at Kylie Jenner’s party and the rest is history.

After the success of “White Iverson”, Post Malone was hired by the influencer and tycoon Kylie Jenner, to sing at her birthday party.

At that party, Post Malone was able to meet Kanye, who invited him to be part of his album “The Life of Pablo”.