7 K-Pop Trilogies That Are Simply Mind-Blowing

They say that good things come in threes, and K-pop strongly supports this statement. Many idols have released trilogy albums over the years, and some may have done so more than once. Some of the stories that make up these trilogies have stuck with us despite being released years ago, and that’s because of the spectacular storytelling that accompanies these musical releases, ideally in a visual form through album and video concepts. musicals.

Let’s look back at seven K-pop trilogy stories that are simply mind-boggling.


One doesn’t just write about trilogies without mentioning VIXX’s “CONCEPTION” series. Famous for their riveting dark concepts, the group takes on Greek mythology in this trio release that can be vividly felt in the concept films. The first deity to appear on the album of the same name is Zelos, the god of rivalry, jealousy, and jealousy. The last word is actually derived from his name, and you can clearly see the representation in the images and lyrics of the title track “Dynamite“. The second installment is “Hades”, named after the god of the underworld, who embodies the wrath of this mythological creature in “Fantasy”. Then, “Kratos” draws to the conclusion of the trilogy, visually personifying the deity’s traits of strength and authority in “The Closer” through a rather seductive and sinister aura that makes up the bulk of the imagery in this launching.


GOT7’s music videos always have interesting plotlines, but this one takes the throne. Releases “Departure,” “Turbulence,” and “Arrival,” respectively, follow GOT7 in this aerial narrative that begins from the first preview of the trilogy and continues with title tracks “Fly,” “Hard Carry,” and “Never Ever.” “. Jinyoung, who is the main character, goes back and forth between reality and dream, recalling the memories that he once shared with his members. From the joyous road trip to the chaotic flight, everything seems fine until he isn’t. In fact, the accident costs all the other members their lives, with Mark sacrificing himself to save Jinyoung, and sends the latter into a layered limbo where he constantly fights for his life until he is resurrected. The sole survivor gives a beautiful analogy in that he will not give up his life after the loss of his friends, just as a bird does not stop flapping its wings until it flies.

3. SHINee – “The Story of Light”

The most powerful stories are based on true events, and this is the story of SHINee. During Jonghyun’s lifetime, the group previously released a trilogy titled “Misconceptions,” which is made up of two parts: “Dream Girl – The Misconceptions of You” and “Why So Serious? – The Misconceptions of Me”. They were later combined into “The Misconceptions of Us” and tackle misconceptions about idealistic dreams versus one’s bittersweet reality.

Four years later, Onew, Key, Minho, and Taemin are mourning the loss of their late friend and bandmate Jonghyun as they commemorate their 10th anniversary as a K-pop group. With that purpose, his new trilogy “The Story of Light” sees the light with love, strength and catharsis as main themes. Through this series, the boys pay tribute to Jonghyun by promising to continue his musical journey while carrying him in their hearts and thoughts. “Good Evening“, “I Want You” and “Our Page” briefly guide us through the history of light.

4. Red Velvet – “The ReVe Festival”

How many days would one have to spend at a festival? One day? Two? With Red Velvet, the third day could be the victor, with a twist on their “The ReVe Festival” trilogy. The girl group takes us on a merry roller coaster ride in “Zimzalabim.” Set to a subtly spooky sound in the background, the title track is a modified Swedish version of magic spells like “Abracadabra” or “Alakazam”. Later, the girls take us on a summer vacation to “Umpah Umpah” that is soon ended by the weather, almost as if they are doomed to be stuck indoors and keep each other company. The light on our colorful squad has dimmed on the final title track, “Psycho,” where the girls seem confused and dispirited, most likely shocked by the previous two stops they made in the trilogy before their visit to the mansion. It seems like it’s all fun and games until someone casts a spell that goes wrong. But in Red Velvet’s words: “Hey, we’ll be fine now, okay! We’re a little weird.”


If you didn’t know MONSTA X yet, you would probably mistake them for actors because their music videos are solid movie plots. “THE CLAN” trilogy further highlights the acting side of the group, where we see them face various challenges that highlight the strong bond they share with each other. The first EP “LOST” offers “ALL IN” as the main theme, where the septet seems to be in a moment of war and rebel against authority while creating their own resistance movement. Moving on to the title track of the “GUILTY” EP, “Fighter,” we discover that the members are held hostage in a hospital while held captive by their own subconscious, preparing a meticulous plan to break free. Lastly, MONSTA X brings the trilogy to an end on the “Final Chapter” EP with a very “Beautiful” title track in which they are still imprisoned for the last time, except at the mercy of their own weaknesses. The trilogy sees the reappearance of a purple flower, corresponding to Larkspur, a flowering plant with protective and healing powers according to mythology. This explains its use to formulate an elixir by the boys throughout the trilogy.


6. Stray Kids – “I am”

The “I am” series is a statement that Stray Kids is proud to make in their debut. “I am NOT” is about them refusing to live by society’s norms. “I am WHO” is about them trying to find themselves in this world and doing things at their own pace. Ultimately, “I am YOU” is about them recognizing that they represent everyone who seeks to be true to themselves and defy anything that goes against them.

In its release order, “District 9” shows the members being brainwashed in a facility, but soon getting help from the inside to escape. Taking their getaway bus, they go through a kind of matrix that isolates them from reality. As the title song suggests, the boys claimed their own district. “My Pace” continues below and mentions the unnecessary comparisons people make to others instead of staying in their lane and doing their thing. “I am YOU” closes this series and serves as a message of solidarity, where one sees himself in another who not only reflects him but also helps him solve his problems. Note that the glitch is pervasive in all of the representative music videos, thus tracing the continuity of events.

7. BTS – “Love Yourself”

BTS has always addressed the concept of youth since their debut with the school trilogy that includes “2 Cool 4 Skool”, “O!RUL8,2?” and “Skool Luv Affair”. But it wasn’t until the HYYH era that they took the audience on a three way path to reflect on “The Most Beautiful Moment in Life”.

A couple of comebacks later, the septet set out on another journey with a trilogy tailored to delve into the depths of self-love. From describing what love feels like through “DNA” (“Love Yourself: Her”) to realizing the reality behind it in “Fake Love” (“Love Yourself: Tear”) and all the way to the truth. about love that is simply self-love in “IDOL” (“Love Yourself: Answer”), the guys have basically written a guide to navigate one’s feelings and get to the bottom of them with reassuring resolve. The advantage of this last trilogy to date is that there is a lot of cinematography to help connect the dots of this story, that is, through the music videos of the intros.

Honorable mentions:

NCT DREAM – “We Young”, “We Go Up” and “We Boom”.

GFRIEND – High school trilogy: “Season of Glass”, “Flower Bud” and “Snowflake”

.IZ*ONE – Flower trilogy: “COLOR*IZ”, “HEART*IZ” and “BLOOM*IZ”.

SEVENTEEN – Boyhood trilogy: “17 Carat”, “Boys Be” and “Love & Letter”.

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