5 voices you should pay attention to at La Academia 20 years | VIDEOS

The return of The Academy 20 years turned out to be a success, with new faces, interesting arrangements, gorgeous women on both the critics as among the participants, a production in the style of the program in its beginnings and with a Yahir showing signs that he still lacks more tables in driving.

With these details began the commemorative edition of the 20th anniversary of the most successful reality show Ajusco television station in its history, with new faces and familiar faces that were like a backwater after several years of their stay inside the house and on stage.

Nadia, Miriam, Samuel, Erasmo, Yahir, Daluamong others, were part of the opening ceremony of the 2022 edition in which one of the participants will receive one million pesos and the opportunity to record an album under the tutelage of the label sony music.

Faced with this opportunity, the participants who fight to win a position and continue in the competition presented their best clothes and showed the panel of judges made up of Lolita Cortes, Arturo Lopez Gavito, Horacio Villalobos ylThe brand new inclusion of the Mexican regional music singer-songwriter, Ana Bárbarahis first themes.

Unfortunately for some it was not their night and either because of the nervousnesslack of practice or simply because they don’t have enough talent, they were “torn apart” by the acid but accurate criticism of the judging panel.

The voices to follow

However, there were five participants who need to be tracked, due to their vocal qualitypresence on stage, for their charisma and above all for the ease with which they connect with the public.

They are two men and three women, one from Ecuador and the other four born in our country.

In order of appearance, Eduardo It was the first one that attracted powerful attention, the singer already has a path traveled in music, and was able to convince the judges with a Mexican regional style song, which put him in the spotlight as one of the best of this generation.

19-year-old Isabela continued, who performed “At the end” of Roberto Cantoral and it received constructive and very encouraging criticism, except for the point of view of Lola Cortés, who was a little harsher, the others agreed that they would like to see it later.

The duet composed of Jackie from Sinaloa Y Zuni from Ecuadorwas also highly applauded by both audiences and critics.

Jackie sang a song from Camilo Sestos “To live like this, is to die of love”, Lopez Gavito told him it was one of the best performances of the night and the one with the most potential.

While the Ecuadorian Zunio was another of the great surprises of the first concert of The academysinging “Red Heels” by Sebastian Yatra.

Finally, the queen of the night was the contestant who abandoned her dream three years ago in the last edition prior to this one. The academyon that occasion Fernanda could not be there for personal and emotional reasons, but this time she is not willing to abandon her dream.

Fernanda singing “Black pigeon” and received not only the best reviews, but good omens for what comes next.

Lopez Gavito predicted that “Mexico is going to have a new and great performer of ranchera music.”


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