5 rules for a low cost holiday

To travel is undoubtedly one of the best ways to spend your free time. Organizing holidays and vacations to disconnect from the routine of work and daily life can make the difference in terms of well-being and happiness. More and more frequently it happens to see on social networks, especially Instagram, users and influencers who tell about breathtaking trips organized with a few eurosbut when it’s your time the trip is always super expensive and you never know whether to do it or give up.

Often, in fact, you give up even just the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtraveling and organizing a trip out of town because of the cost that you might have to support. This is not always the case. With a little attention and following some simple rules, you can also travel on a budget and really planning a vacation low costthat’s how.

1. Book early

It must be admitted that there are two categories of people: those accustomed to plan everything well in advance, who always have up-to-date “to do lists” and make short and long-term plans; then there are those who live for the day and they always organize everything at the last minute.

Either way there are possibilities for organize wonderful trips on a budget. In fact, for intercontinental travel or those in high season – such as the Christmas holidays, Easter, bridges and the summer months – it is important to play in advance to save. The advice is to start organizing the trip in time, perhaps 3 or even 12 months in advance depending on the period and the distance to be covered.

If, on the other hand, you always live day by day last minute trips they are the best solution. You have to be able to go on an adventure a bit and always keep an eye on the offer sites. Suitcase ready and few expectations are certainly two ingredients to have in order to organize last minute trips.

A tip especially for those who organize holidays and trips in advance is to prefer midweek days rather than on weekends, when possible, because the cost for transport (such as trains and planes) but also for hotel rooms is low.

2. The right type of trip

The type of trip affects most of the total cost of the trip. Choosing to take a one-week vacation in a five-star hotel will certainly cost you, not comparable to choosing to go camping on an adventure.

It is good to carefully evaluate the type of trip that you want to do and organize, perhaps trying to respect everyone’s needs (if you go in a group) and evaluating what you can save. If you are in a group, it is certainly better to rent a house than to choose a hotel.

3. The best transport

THE transport they are the second item in the cost of a trip. Choosing whether to travel by car, train, ship or plane can make the difference in terms of savings and travel quality. What is certain is that reaching the goal in a short time makes them holidays more lasting, but also the journey – especially if by car – is an integral part of the journey.

For those who prefer travel by carsurely it will be necessary to evaluate which is the route that saves the most: avoiding the toll roads or not? Avoiding toll roads will certainly lengthen the distance and travel time, also because non-toll roads tend to have a lower speed limit.

It is also very important to have a driving style that allows you to save on fuel. In this sense, avoid tolls it may not be the best choice because the secondary roads will certainly be longer, slower and even more busy. It is important to strike a balance between the two to really save money and not have a fake saving on the total cost of the trip.

If you decide to travel by car, that’s fine avoid parking in the city centerbut inquire about which ones are the cheapest or if there are affordable rates and agreements.

For those who do not travel by car, certainly buy tickets on time (or at the last minute) can make the difference, in this case if you travel by public transport it is essential to inquire about any season tickets to save on the price of the ticket.

4. Optimize your luggage

The optimization of luggage it is very important both if you travel by car, to avoid overloading the car, but also for the plane where the baggage has an extra cost compared to hand baggage. It is not necessary bring all the closet on vacationyou simply need to carefully choose the garments to bring in your suitcase, preferring basic clothing that can fit in any situation.

5. Plan your meals

Another one important expense item traveling is definitely food. Organize meals, perhaps with it street food or with fast food, like McDonald’s. Also look for local trattorias o booking with applications that offer discounts can be a solution to save.

If you are touring a city, you can arrange with packed lunch or with a piece of pizza by the slice. If you want to save more, you can buy bread and cold cuts in a supermarket to bring your sandwiches day by day and at least really save on lunch.

Once everything is organized, all that remains is to enjoy the journey and the holiday.