5 reasons not to miss The Hives at Corona Capital Guadalajara 2022

Oh yes, we saw it further than anything but luckily, we are a few days away from the return of Corona Capital Guadalajara. Undoubtedly, this is one of the festivals that we look forward to the most, because it not only presents us with a luxurious poster, it also makes us go to the pearl of Guadalajara to enjoy an incredible weekend.

Of course, this 2022 and after almost two years of absence, they had to return through the front door. That is why They threw the house out the window putting together a lineup of those enviable ones that can rarely be seen in our country.

Photo: Corona Capital Guadalajara

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At Corona Capital Guadalajara 2022 we will have the chance to see great bands, like The Hives

So you will have an idea, in this edition of the Corona Capital Guadalajara we will have big names like The Strokes, Kings of Leon, Blondie, CHVRCHES, Metronomy, Kamasi Washington, Death Cab for Cutie, Jake Bugg, Chet Faker and many more (HERE you can check the full poster). However, among all these acts, we are very excited to see neither more nor less than hives.

Undoubtedly, this bandota is one of the most loved in our country. During these years we have had the chance to be in several concerts that the Swedes have given in Mexa land and the truth is that we will never get tired of their live shows. Although yes, it is likely that not everyone will be convinced to see them on stage. But don’t worry, here we will give you some reasons not to miss his presentation this May 22 at the VFG Valley.

Photo: Alan Cortes

It’s been a while since they visited the pearl of Guadalajara

In 2019, The Hives visited Mexico to play at Tecate Pa’l Norte in Monterrey, but they also took the opportunity to give a show at Plaza Condesa and were even the guests of Arctic Monkeys for the concert they put on at Foro Sol with Miles Kane . Nevertheless, Pelle Almqvist and company have not set foot on the land of the mariachi for a long time.

To be exact, It was in 2014 when the band was one of the headliners of the Coordenada festival. So after almost seven years, they will return to the place that gave us the drowned cake and of course this is an incredible opportunity to see this great band breaking it big with a few tequilas on top jiar jiar jiar .


A few years ago they surprised us with new music

Ok, if The Hives’ return to Guadalajara doesn’t convince them to jump into Corona Capital, this might cheer them up. As you will remember, in 2019 and after four years without presenting music, to everyone’s surprise the Swedish group was raffled by premiering a couple of singles that blew our minds: “I’m Alive” and “Good Samaritan”.

That is why we are very excited to see them on one of the festival stages, because we are sure that in the VFG Valley and when night falls, these rolls will sound solid in front of the thousands of people who will gather to check them out in action. They remember us when that happens.

You can’t miss the hits of this bandota either

Of course, the new songs from The Hives motivate us to see them at the Corona Capital Guadalajara. However, as much as it bothers us that they are doing new things and reinventing themselves as artists, we can’t lie to ourselves either: we want to listen to those classics with which we met them and that made us fall completely in love with this great band.

And of course we are already savoring the moment in which Pelle Almqvist and company take hits the size of “Tick Tick Boom”, “Hate To Say I Told You So”, “Walk Idiot Walk”, “Main Offender”, “Won’t Be Long” and many more. So keep on tuning your throat because you’ll need it to sing these songs and run out of voice. Oh, and they’ll also jump until their feet hurt.

Everyone has to see them live at least once in their life

You may think that this sounds a bit exaggerated, but if you consider yourself a music lover or a fan of music, you definitely have to see The Hives live at least once in your life. And we don’t say it lightly, because in truth, the concerts they give are incredible, epic and they always do something so that everyone leaves with a great taste in their mouths.

In addition to the fact that the setlist always has at least one song that you surely know, Pelle Almqvist and company drop everything when they get on stage and give themselves completely. Really, If they haven’t had a chance to be at one of their shows and they’re at the Corona Capital Guadalajara, they should jump in because they won’t regret it.

The connection between The Hives and the public from Guadalajara will be unique

Last but not least, we have a point that will undoubtedly convince you to drop everything you are doing at Corona Capital Guadalajara 2022 and run like there is no tomorrow to see The Hives: the enormous and spectacular connection they have with the Mexican public.

No matter what state or city they visit, there is not a single place where the Swedes haven’t stolen the show. And it is that the delivery and response of both the members and their fans in our country is amazing, something inexplicable that they need to experience to understand it. And if you want to find out, we recommend that you take a tour of his presentation at the festival.