5 ideas for an original holiday: this year has a different summer! – Sanremonews.it

Are you rightly tired of the usual hotel or apartment version of a holiday and want something different? Here you are 5 original ideas for your summer holidays that will make anyone envy e they will give you unforgettable moments!

Like a lighthouse keeper

If you want to feel suddenly catapulted into the age of discovery, a vacation in a lighthouse is just the thing for you.

A stay in one lighthousebe it short or long, it’s the perfect idea for one romantic vacation to share with your sweetheart, isolated from the world to dedicate yourself completely to each other. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city and your daily commitments, you will constantly have one wonderful view of the sea and you can choose between Italian or European destinations, in fact among the most beautiful lighthouses those cannot be forgotten French and Portuguese.

If you are considering booking a lighthouse holiday, hurry up and do it because as much as it may be an original idea it is an increasingly popular optionespecially by those who grew up on bread and Raoul Bova, who waited for his Niki in a lighthouse and then reunited forever.

Three meters above the ground in a tree house

You just can’t keep your feet on the ground and even at night dreams of living a thousand adventures? If you want a Tarzan and Jane style experience, then how not to choose to stay in one tree house to make your holiday unforgettable?

Don’t worry, staying in a tree house does not automatically mean being disconnected from the rest of the world or having to pass survival tests, quite the contrary. For a holiday in a tree you can also choose some smart options with various technological elements, but also solutions in the name of comfort with one private hot tub.

As you will understand during your search for a tree house, year after year, more and more resorts and agritourisms surrounded by nature have begun to propose such a solution, to please those who seek pure oxygen and they want to find themselves (apparently) isolated, in a state of total tranquility.

Free and carefree on a sailing boat

The sea has always fascinated you and you cannot do without feel the wind in your hair all day? Then there is no doubt, a sailing holiday is the crowning glory of your dream.

Based on the destinations that interest you, you can arrange your itinerary with him skipper who will act as a driver for the duration of the holiday, if you have never learned to drive a sailboat, otherwise you can rent the vehicle and do it yourself. Have you never spent a day on a ship and have any doubts? You can always opt for a weekend, in order to adjust and then eventually extend your sailing holiday.

Prepare swimsuits and sunscreenas well as all the equipment you need for diving and start imagining your days in the waves!

Princess holiday in a castle

Ever since you were a child you have always dreamed of living in a castle like the princesses of Disney movies what were you always looking at? To get a taste of that imaginary world, treat yourself to a stay in a charming castle in the company of your prince.

It is sprinkled with castles all of Europe, and each is surrounded by a particular magic that makes it perfect for a fairytale holiday. You can choose a place by the sea as well as the countryside or the city, according to your preferences and preferences activities with which you will want to fill your holiday.

And don’t forget to taste all typical local dishestreating your princely palate as it deserves!

Five-star nature with glamping

Forget the uncomfortable holidays all tents and sleeping bags from normal campsites and raise your expectations by booking a stay in a glamping!

Eliminate shared showers, back pain after a night of rolling around and insects everywhere in the tent from your memories, giving way to glamping, nothing but the luxury version of the classic campsite. This way you will be anyway in the middle of nature but you will have at your disposal all the comforts of a real hotelsuch as four-poster beds, whirlpool tubs and all the necessary privacy.

Pack your bags and get ready for yours glam holiday!