10 Things That Happened Around The World The Same Year My Chemical Romance Released ‘The Black Parade’

In the world of music there are few albums that become so important and influential that they come to mark an entire generation. And without fear of being wrong we can say that one of them is ‘The Black Parade’, a piece that My Chemical Romance released in 2006.

It was in October of that year when Gerard Way and company released their third studio album. One that caught the attention of the then teenagers thanks to the lyrical content and the visual/narrative concept that the band used for this album.

Photo: My Chemical Romance

It was in the year 2006 when My Chemical Romance released ‘The Black Parade’

Strongly influenced and inspired by artists such as David Bowie, Pink Floyd and The Beatlesthrough the album ‘The Black Parade’, My Chemical Romance told us the story of a terminally ill cancer patient who begins to reflect on life as it approaches its end.

The aesthetics of the group attracted attention thanks to The Black Parade, the alter ego of the band you saw black military clothing (like the one we see in the “Welcome to the Black Parade” video) and whose design was inspired by the suits that The Beatles used for the Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

Photo: My Chemical Romance

Here we remember 10 things that happened in the world during that year in which said album was released

16 years ago My Chemical Romance never imagined that ‘The Black Parade’ would become iconic for his entourage of fans, who many years later still listen to those songs that were played on all the radio stations and on television programs more than a decade ago.

And how they say that remembering is to live again (besides taking advantage of your next return to Mexico to capital crown), here we list 10 things that were happening in the world when My Chemical Romance released ‘The Black Parade’.

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1.- ‘The Devil Wears Fashion’ premiered

The film directed by David Frankel and starring Meryl Streep and Anne Hathawayhit theaters around the world in June 2006 to teach us that your dream job isn’t always going to be ‘honey on flakes’ and furthermore, that sacrificing your personal life for it isn’t the best idea in the world either.

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2.- The execution of Saddam Hussein was ordered and carried out

On December 30, 2006 and after being sentenced for crimes against humanity and genocide, dictator Saddam Hussein was hanged at the age of 69 for justice in Iraq. Something that left images that 16 years ago went around the world.

10 Things That Happened Around The World The Same Year My Chemical Romance Released 'The Black Parade'
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3.- ‘Crash’ won the Oscar for ‘Best Picture’

the tape of Paul Haggis it premiered in 2005 and had a fairly acceptable reception. A year later, however, the film sparked criticism and divided opinions when the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences gave it the award for best picture, one that many felt belonged to Brokeback Mountainstarring Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal.

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4.- Nintendo launched its legendary Wii console

It seems like yesterday when many of us were amazed to learn that we could have a wireless control console with which we could exercise or drive the karts of the world of Mario as if we had the steering wheel of a real car.

But no, actually the console, like ‘The Black Parade’, appeared on the market 16 years ago. Who among you still has your Wii running at 100?

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5.- Steve Irwin, the ‘crocodile hunter’, died

The well-known Australian-born zookeeper who became famous for his television show titled ‘The Crocodile Hunter’died on September 4, 2006 at the age of 44, after a stingray sting that pierced his heart while filming Ocean’s Deadliesta documentary filmed underwater.

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6.- Apple Computer Company wins the legal dispute against Apple Corps.

It was in 1978 when apple corpscorporation founded by The Beatles in 1968, entered into a dispute with Apple Inc, the technological giant created by Steve Jobs. The reason? trademark infringement by using an apple as a logo.

At the time, the matter was settled with the payment of compensation and the promise of Apple Inc. not to get involved in the music market. Nevertheless, in September 2003 Apple Corps again sued the companybecause they accuse her of breaking the pact by creating iTunes and the iPod.

The trial began and ended in 2006, where the UK jury gave victory to Apple Inc., who a year later made the passes with an agreement that allowed the entry of The Beatles to the iTunes catalog.

10 Things That Happened Around The World The Same Year My Chemical Romance Released 'The Black Parade'
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7.- Google bought YouTube

Almost two and a half years after its creation, In 2006, YouTube was positioned as one of the most visited platforms worldwide. To give you an idea, at least 30 million people visited this website per month and 100 million videos were played daily.

That had already caught the attention of several companies. One of them was Google, who in his attempt to expand and enlarge his market of social networks, bought the video platform for the unenviable amount of 1.650 million dollars.

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8.- The debut album of the Arctic Monkeys was released

In the musical area, the launch of ‘The Black Parade’ was not the only relevant thing that happened in the world of music during 2006, since that same year was when we met a band who today has become the headliner of big festivals like Corona Capital: yes, we’re talking about the Arctic Monkeys.

It was in the month of January, 16 years ago, when we met the group led by Alex Turner for the first time thanks to their album Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Notwhich became one of the most successful debut albums in recent history.

10 Things That Happened Around The World The Same Year My Chemical Romance Released 'The Black Parade'
Photo: Arctic Monkeys

9.- Zidane’s famous header

At the 2006 World Cup in Germany, Zinedine Zidane, considered at that time as one of the best footballers of all time, announced that the match between France (the team where he played) and Italy would be your farewell party.

Although the moment was thought emotional, everything changed in the 110th minute of the match when the French player gave Marco Materazzi a headerthis after a small friction that began with verbal insults and ended with the expulsion of Zidane from the field.

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10.- The second edition of the Corona Music Fest was held in Mexico

Although there are currently several festivals that allow us to see international bands in our country, 16 years ago things were different and there were only a few that gave us that privilege. One of them was the Corona Music Fest, which in its second edition brought nothing more and nothing less than The Mars Volta. Did any of you go to that event?

Photo: Corona Capital Fest